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Tamoxifen for DCIS grade 3 bilateral?


Re: Tamoxifen for DCIS grade 3 bilateral?

Thanks for that Ann, it is so confusing as it seems that I only get 1 to 2% benefit per breast but then if I am in that percentage.....




Re: Tamoxifen for DCIS grade 3 bilateral?

Hi Marfromessex,

These borderline decisions can be such a pain as inevitably, 'what if?' creeps in.

I had a small invasive bc, so I am taking tamoxifen, but it was clearly recommended for me.

If I was in your position, I would quite likely make the same decision if there is no evidence of micro-invasion & the oncologist was leaving it up to me.

You will do what's best for you.

ann x



Tamoxifen for DCIS grade 3 bilateral?

In April I was diagnosed with bilateral Grade 3 High Grade DCIS 12mm in both breasts with no microinvasion. 


After WLE in both breasts with a resection in one to get a clear margin (as they originally only did a WLE biopsy in one side because it was thought to be just abnormal cells), I have just finished 3 weeks of radiotherapy bilaterally.


After initially being told that I only needed WLE as long as it was a clear margin, when it came back as high grade I was then strongly advised to have radiotherapy both sides. 


In a number of letters to my GP from the MDT, of which I got copies,  the treatment plan kept changing. At first just surgery, then surgery plus radio and then surgery plus radio plus tamoxifen.


when I saw my oncologist for the first time, she said that it was in the balance whether tamoxifen was beneficial. So it was my choice and I choose not to take tamoxifen.


Has anyone else decided to take/not take tamoxifen. I am very confused