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Tamoxifen- some advice please.would you have taken it Pre cancer diagnosis?


Re: Tamoxifen - pelvic pain

I have been taking Tamoxifen  for about three months. I soon got intense pelvic pain, not unlike severe period pains, as well as moderate ‘flashes’. I can deal with the flashes by taking the Tamoxifen at night, but the pelvic pain has proved to be a real problem. My GP gave me a muscle relaxant that worked for a while but now it looks like I’m going to have to up the dose and I’m reluctant to take multiple pills at the same time, including Paracetamol, which isn’t very effective. Has anyone else experienced this side-effect and, if so, how did you deal with it?






Re: Tamoxifen- some advice please.would you have taken it Pre cancer diagnosis?

Thank you for your reply Ann, I'm going for my first mammogram on the 19th may so will ask about it then. I've got extensive endometriosis and on doing more research yesterday I think I'm going to not take anything unless I am diagnosed as tamoxifen can increase your risk for endometrial cancer, I'm riddled with it in my bowel, and uterus so I'm now more worried that if I take it im increasing my risk of endometrial cancer. I've already got cysts all over I don't think I want to increase the chances of cancer cells developing in these cysts. Hope your journey is going well and thanks for taking the time.  Leanne

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Re: Tamoxifen- some advice please.would you have taken it Pre cancer diagnosis?

Hi Ludo,
Obviously, most of us here are on tamoxifen post diagnosis, but from what I've read, there has been a fair amount in the media that tamox is not prescribed enough as a prophylactic measure for those in your position.
I cant really comment on your situation, as it's not within my experience, so it might be an idea to post in the 'ask our nurses' section.
All I will say is, that understandably, those having problems with side effects will tend to report it here, but for many of us, tamoxifen does not cause many issues with side effects or at least its manageable, but this doesn't tend to get reported.
Good luck with your decision
ann x

Tamoxifen- some advice please.would you have taken it Pre cancer diagnosis?

Hello, I hope people don't mind me posting on here for some advice. I have just turned 40 but because of my family history I've been told I am in a high risk category for breast cancer and will have to have yearly mammography and careful monitoring. With the letter calling me to come for my first mammogram I received a leaflet recommending that I start taking tamoxifen as a preventative measure. The lady at the assessment clinic told me about some drugs that I should strongly consider taking but said it would all be explained in the leaflet. I hadn't realised it was the same drugs that are prescribed post cancer diagnosis. Has anyone else been in the same position? What did you decide? Part of me feels I shouldnt pump my body full of drugs when at the moment I'm perfectly healthy but on the other hand our family history is sadly so badly affected by cancer I feel it's a forgone conclusion that I will get it one day and should do everything I can to help prevent it. Very torn and would love some advice. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads this.