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Teva Brand Tamoxifen out of stock


Re: Teva Brand Tamoxifen out of stock

Hi Evie,


Teva have discontinued the 20mg tamoxifen tablets. Fortunately they still make the 10mg tablets but are currently out of stock.


My Pharmacist and GP have said it is fine for me to take 2 10mg tablets and that is what appears on my prescription along with Teva brand.


Like you Teva causes me the least side affects. I'm dreading having to take an alternative brand for a couple of months. Hopefully Teva will get more stocks soon.


Our local pharmacists (boots) are very good and fully appreciate how different brands can affect people.


Hope you can revert to teva or find another brand that suits you better.


Best wishes J x

Community Champion

Re: Teva Brand Tamoxifen out of stock

Hi Bas_B - I’m sorry I can’t help with an answer to your question, but I wondered if Teva said anything to you about the 20mg tablets and if they will ever be back in stock? I felt better on those than my current brand.

Thanks, Evie xx



Teva Brand Tamoxifen out of stock

Just phoned Teva uk who have confirmed tamoxifen 10mg tablets are out of stock. Stocks due by end of March.


Does anyone know of another brand that doesn't have lactose in?


Thanks in advance.