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Weighing up risks-can anyone help with their experience

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Re: Weighing up risks-can anyone help with their experience

Hi Smash73

I understand you have spoken with your GP about this, and are seeking clarity. If you wished to speak to our breast care nurses too, you can reach our team on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

If you preferred to write in to them, you can do so here, or by posting on one of these four boards.

Sending our best wishes





Weighing up risks-can anyone help with their experience

Coming to this forum again as can’t seem to get clear advice. I am 46, breast cancer in 2015. Treated with chemo, radio and hormone therapy. Was pre-menopausal. Periods re-started after chemo so I had Zoladex alongside tamoxifen. All has been well until a month ago when I had some spotting. Referred to gynae by Gp, ultrasound showed 12mm womb lining. No other apparent abnormalities. I was advised to stop tamoxifen but am still on Zoladex. I am waiting on Hysteroscopy and depending on that will 1. Stay on tamoxifen and have mirena coil 2.stop tamoxifen. 3. Deal with any more serious changes to womb. So, I find myself just weighing up different risks. Carrying on Zoladex causes bone density probs. Apparently there is no way of establishing my menopausal status except for stopping this and waiting, leaving me without any treatment. Adding mirena, apparently helps womb lining, but some evidence it might increase my risk. Orprectomy will be an option, but then I carry on with letrozole, similar probs with bones. 
I find myself just weighing up risks. My dear mum has been diagnosed with secondary bc so don’t want to not take treatment. Anyone by any chance had a similar set of circumstances and any suggestions? I feel like the decisions will be left to me and I’m very confused. I read about other women having tests for hormone levels or menopausal status but Onc says this is not an option.