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How to report inappropriate content

Community Manager

How to report inappropriate content

We want to make sure our Forum remains a safe space for everyone – free from abuse, spam, dodgy links, and other things that make online spaces feel less welcoming.

Our spam filter is very good at flagging the odd spambot post, but occasionally some sneaky ones do get through!

Here’s what you can do if you spot a message that you think is spammy, or a post that you think breaks our community guidelines.

You will find the Options button at the top right of every message on the Forum. Select Report Inappropriate Content.

Report inappropriate content 1.PNG

If you wish, you can tell us why the content is inappropriate.


Report inappropriate content 2.PNG

What happens next

When a user marks a post as inappropriate, this triggers a notification on our system.

Our team will action this. This may include removing abusive content, blocking spam accounts, or sending private messages to users who didn’t realise they were breaking our guidelines.

Thank you for helping us keep our Forum a safe, welcoming space for all!