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Letrozole sensitivity

Moggy and Fish Mum

Re: Letrozole sensitivity

  • Hello Ruth V, interesting post. I have only just started Letrozole and have been given Accord and, having read through various posts on here, it SEEMS to be the one that gives most folk the least side effects. It is often hotly denied in medical circles but in my opinion is a fact that the “carrier” ingredients in a medication can really alter how you respond to it. I am intending to ask my GP practice to specify Accord on my prescription so I don’t have to try anything else. Someone else might come along shortly with info on the other brand you mention. 

Letrozole sensitivity

Hello all.

I am a forum Newbie...

I am interested  to know from women that prefer one brand of letrozole over another what their particular problems were. I am wondering if Sun Pharma brand is causing a skin reaction (itchy rash across upper chest which eventually spreads to upper back). I used Accord brand for 4 weeks and did not have this. Also thinking I had less night sweats with Accord.