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Anastrozole Update


Anastrozole Update


I did post back in August how I was struggling with Anastrozole for 5yrs.  I spoke to a BCN and between us I had an appointment with a consultant in Oncology yesterday.  I now have a plan and discussed in-depth all my side effects and where I was.  20 side effects to be precise.

1)  I am now having a sabbatical from Anastrozole to give me a break and hope to ease some side effects, this is for 6 weeks.  This stuff has been brutal.

2) I asked for a bone density test and thyroid test which he agreed to.  Thyroid and blood test taken yesterday.  Bone Density Test I am waiting for an appointment

3) In week 6 I have been given another medication, same family as Anastrozole though it has a different molecular structure.  I may get side effects, I may not or could be worse.  Which is Exemestane, which I have never heard of

4)  I will be on this for 6 weeks, and then go back to Oncology see how I am getting on with it.

AS for the Hot Flushes the hospital can help with that with Clondine (never had that yet)

So in 12 weeks I can then make decisions going forward, with what I need to do for the best.  What I do know either way is to stick with it for another 2 years, which takes me to 7 years on meds.  I discussed the benefits of 7 to 10 years and there really isn't a benefit.  I don't want to get to 61 and have felt so crap for 10 years and basically lost 10yrs of my life, its been like a prison sentence of feeling utterly crap.

Today is day one of no Anastrozole, hopefully this dark cloud and horrible symptoms dissipate, been up since 4am baking hot with flush after flush.🙄