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Can I get back to my old life?


Re: Can I get back to my old life?

Hi there, I'm sorry you feel so compromised  . . . . I think moderation in all things.  Blimey, you're healthy and fit enough, and you're not saying that you want to get rip-roaring drunk regularly!!  And yes, there has to be some pleasure/s in,life, otherwise what is it really all about.


I'm much older, at 64 now, had lumpectomy last year in May, Grade 3, hormone positive, lumpectomy but not the best of margins but no more tissue to take, 4 weeks radiotherapy last summer. . . . should be on letrozole, but decide after a few months of it that my bones couldn't afford the risk ( I walk everywhere every day and my life would not be worth living if I could not get out of the house every day) - I refused bisphosphonates because I don't have great teeth and was not prepared to risk jaw problems - and I refused neoadjuvant chemo, because . . . . that's me, I guess.


I'm older, I can 'afford' to see life this way maybe - but I have always been of this sort of mindset, all my life.  I guess I've been lucky not to have had those opinions tested until now?  My quality of life has always, always been the priority over my length of life.  My kids are grown ups and they understand me.


I don't know if this is of any help . . . . but I mean well.  (My mum lived to be very old, into her 90's, and her last 8 years were spent in a care home - no mobility, dementia, no quality of life - and I know 'my mum' would never have wanted that in a million years.)


Life's for a-living, as well as for looking after our bodies the best we can . . . . truly wish you well.  Hugs aplenty.

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Re: Can I get back to my old life?


I enjoy wine too, but I no longer worry about enjoying a glass of wine & especially on hols!

It's fine to know about increased risk & you've done all the research you need to, but we can also just make a judgment about doing what we're comfortable with.

I remember my surgeon saying 'don't worry, teetotallers get cancer too' & the onc said 'to not gain weight & any alcohol in moderation.'  

Obviously, you're active & of healthy weight, so that's just as important, if not more so, however, just because there maybe an increased risk, it doesn't mean it's going to happen. Most who are overweight &/or drink alcohol, do not get cancer anyway.

Obviously, it's good to look at any lifestyle issues after bc & address these as necessary, using guidance & advice to help in making decisions, but to not feel dictated to by it. 

I'm 3 years down the line now & don't worry about it any more. I've decided what I'm comfortable with & am just getting on with it.

Cheers 🥂 !!!

ann x



Can I get back to my old life?

Hi all! I am a first time user of any forum. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in January of 2018 (41 years old), PR+ ER+. I am a vegetarian  (Have been for 23 years), who ran 3-4 miles a day and I also have a “healthy” weight. So, I guess I was just “lucky”.

I have gone thru all the chemo, radiation, and surgeries. I am on tamoxifen and get an injection of leupron—May be spelled wrong—every three months.

I have read all the articles on drinking and breast cancer—and this is what I struggle with— knowing that drinking increases your chance of breast cancer. I am a home brewer, my husband works at a hard cider mill, and I love wine. I feel like my whole life has to be completely different now. I don’t want to be a different person, but if I can’t enjoy a wine tasting event, can’t have a few margaritas with girls, then I have to ask— was it worth the fight? Mocktails are just sugar— which we are also not suppose to have either. I feel guilty everytime a take a sip of booze, eat a cupcake, or wear the wrong sports bra (one that doesn’t zip up the front). 

Will I ever get over this?