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Re: New to this forum

Hiiiiiii NK,

I am not sure if you are still on the forum but if you are I was wondering how you were coping now that your Herceptin has finished and how your muscles and joints are now.......I am currently on Herceptin and Perjecta which I get at the Bridgewater too.....have you managed to run again......I simply can't because of muscle/joint pain and was wondering if you feel a difference yet x


Re: New to this forum



Welcome to the forums. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m a bit ahead of you (diagnosis Sept 2018, ‘finished’ treatment June 2019, with surgery before everything else - and I reacted badly to all chemo). Like you, I am so tired of being a walking/talking mess of side effects. It’s almost impossible to move forward.


I was in so much pain and getting nothing from the hospital except agreement that it might be the result of hormone therapy or the zometa infusion every 6 months, so I saw my GP the other day and already he’s established I’m low on vit D (like most) and B12, which can cause similar symptoms to our side effects. It makes sense that chemo might trigger auto-immune responses that cause such pain. I’m allowing myself a bit of optimism - that he may find a way to treat the fatigue, weight gain, joint and muscle pain even if the trigger was chemo and HT.


Get back running if that’s what you want to do. There will be a different kind of treatment or a complementary therapy that will sort out the aches and pains. It doesn’t have to come from your hospital - they’ve done their bit - rescued you from BC. All the best,

Jan x


Re: New to this forum

Thank you for welcoming me Jill. And wonderful and congratulations you are 5yrs post diagnosis and still on here to give your support to us all.

I was diagnosed jan’19, started aggressive chemo in feb, so was 1st anniversary last Tuesday from start of treatment. Little did I know what was ahead of me!!!!!

Finished chemo in July and lumpectomy at end of July, (and cancer free 👏👏👏) then rad from sept into Oct.

I’m also on herseptin (preventative drug as high risk of returning) until July this year, so still attend Bridgewater suite every 3weeks.

I was allergic to everything and I’m also allergic to the herseptin - roll on July.

During my cancer treatment it was also discovered I had a dicky heart - yeah cancer wasn’t enough, and I was a runner. Won’t know until I finish herseptin if I can run again - fingers crossed 🤞 I will as it’s something I dearly enjoyed.


Since Oct the body has been falling apart 😂 but I am determined to recover.

I’ve realised it all takes time but when I was diagnosed I had zero symptoms apart from the little dent I noticed on my boob, I was the the picture of health and was fit. I have now gained 2 stone in weight, and my joints and muscles I cannot explain these aches and pain but our body’s are not going to have chemicals pumped into us that kills cancer tumours without our bodies  being compensated in some way or another.

I had what will be my annual mammogram on 11th feb and didn’t tell anyone as I was so anxious and dreading it as it had brought back all the bombshell memories of the diagnosis day in that mammogram suite but good news every thing was healthy 🙏
Although I didn’t want to be there I will never forget jan’19, within 3 and a half hours, after mammogram, ultrasound scan and the traumatising biopsies I knew I had breast cancer - Top Notch NHS - as far as I know, Belfast City Hospital has the best ‘one stop breast clinic in the whole of the uk.


Big hugs everyone




Community Champion

Re: New to this forum

Hello NK ,welcome to the forum .Its a great source of support and information .I am 5 years post diagnosis now but still keep in touch with ladies I met through the forum .Jillx


New to this forum

Hello everyone, 

I was delighted to find this forum for BC as I was on the verge of starting a page for NI women with breast cancer, purely just for chats.

Went onto Breast Cancer Now as my son in law to be’s sister is running the ‘London Landmarks Marathon’ organised by breast cancer now on 29th March in honour of me - we have never even met but she’s obviously a wonderful young lady.

I hope everyone on here is having as good a day as possible - stay positive.

NK x