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Ten years on

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Re: Ten years on

@JCJ - thank you very much for coming on to post such a great positive message. I know I love to read such messages, I‘m 5 years since diagnosis and always look out for messages of hope.

I wish you all the very best as you come off Tamoxifen - I can imagine that will be strange. Sending you too hugs and strength as you go forward. Evie xx


Ten years on

I thought I'd just post to say that 10 years ago, today (although it was Friday 13th!!) I had my 2nd routine mammogram which launched me into the whole BC roller coaster ride. And probably saved my life. 

I'm still here and, as far as I know, still NED (no evidence of disease). I "only" needed a wide local excision (lumpectomy) but I was borderline for chemo and had to make the horribly difficult decision, myself, whether or not to have it. I declined, had RT, Zoladex (2 years), REACT trial anti-inflamatories/placebo (2 years) and Tamoxifen (10 years).

I hope my story gives some of you hope: I know I needed to read messages like this when I was first diagnosed. Hang in there. It's a scary ride but a great many of us get through it!!

Now I just have to get used to the idea of stopping taking Tamoxifen, next month, and losing the reassurance that it gives me.

Take care everyone, be kind to yourselves; it must be especially difficult going through the BC trauma during Covid times. My thoughts are with you and I hope you, too, will be posting a similar message in 10 years time!! xxx