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stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Have your pompoms come yet? Are you sure they're for your lamp and not for your exotic dance outfit? Hehehe

It looks like the sunny weather is heading down this way this week. It's been sunny today but the breeze is still quite cool. Much hotter weather forecast. 

We got rained on, again, when we went for a walk by the canal yesterday but by the time we got back to the car it was sunny again! The plastic, padded cushion in the wheelchair had a puddle in it. I had to remove the cushion (world's strongest velcro) so OH could sit down without getting soggy-**sed jeans!



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Trip sounds lovely despite the rain, always fabulous to watch while you are in the comfort of the car slurping tea and munching cake. AND a chippie thereafter???? What are you two like??

It's pretty sad that children will leave primary school that way, very unfortunate.

Am on the "happy" bench, just had word our holiday is cancelled, the relief is immense. Have been worrying since airline said they were flying in July...............worry is over, woo hoo!!!

Have said it before who would have thought you wouldn't want to go on holiday??

When I eventually make an appt with doc, will ask about hayfever then.

My pom poms have still not arrived, sigh...........

Been a lovely day here, sunshine and more sunshine xx 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Everything crossed for your ED. I hope she stays safe and well. Remember though that even if she gets the dreaded virus she will most likely recover - if she even knows she's had it!! Nearly all the fatal cases are people who are elderly and/or already have other conditions.... so as long as she stays away from you!! (what am I implying? That 40 is elderly?! 😛)

The hay-fever tabs were S*******y's own one a day cetrizine hydrochloride - but it's irrelevant what they are as it seems to be just buying them did the trick. OH can't take these ones because pharmacist says he should take Loratadine (spelling!?) instead due to his other meds, so they'll just sit in the drawer by my bed in case I have another cough, itchy-eyed, snotty-nosed night.

Went to our local water park (as in lake, not slides etc!) today, despite me swearing never to go there again because they charge £3 per hour (or part hour) despite the toilets and other facilities not being open at the moment. Last time we were there, we were there for 2 1/4 hours and it cost £9. What a rip off!! However, OH loves it there because there's a flat, grassy surface to walk on around the lake, some strategically placed benches to rest on, lots of water birds to watch and it is really peaceful - and it's not like we're spending money on anything else at the moment! So I agreed to go there again today. We sat in the car drinking tea and eating chocolate brownies, in a thunderstorm, watching the rain lashing down onto the lake for just under 2 hours (it was sunny when we left home!) paid £6 parking then drove home via the chippy to console ourselves.

I've not been sleeping well (Tapoxyfen inner wind turbulence!) and the 7am starts to the day are excruciating, especially when I then have very little to do when I get to work. Ah well, only 22 more get ups to go. 

We're going to have a "Zoom" meeting, in a couple of weeks, with the rest of the kids from our class, so we can say goodbye as half the class (The Year 6s, less than half of whom are coming in at the moment) their teacher (who's moving across to our sister school) and I will all be leaving before school reopens properly (unless Boris changes his mind. Again) Strange times!



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Nothing worse than "clock watching" JCJ.............

Well thank you for dinner, was wondering what I was going to munch? Yummy yum. No custard or ice cream pour moi, please!

Am on the "I have turned so crafty" bench, it's near the "hysterically laughing" bench. Purchased a plain floor lamp and have changed it into a pretty girly lamp, nearly finished am just waiting for the pom poms to arrive. What am I like? The girls will faint when they see my efforts haha.

It's raining here and the heating is on, brrrrrrrrrr!

The hayfever tabs I have basically knock me unconscious, good way to beat hayfever, just sleep it away. So what are your ones? You can puzzle me again with your synonyms, hee hee.

ED starts this week...........we were hoping that it wouldn't start at all. xx





Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Oh good grief! It's a whole week since my last post. A week of not very much happening. School is still very quiet and the mornings pass VERY slowly. We expected more children today as more shops are open, but most of the "missing" pupils have siblings in other year groups who can't come back yet, so parents, understandably, don't want to bother bringing them.

Lemon cake was delicious, thank you. The hay-fever tabs were just Supermarket one-a-day ones and I think it's like booking a dentist appointment when you have toothache: just the act of booking it/buying the meds solves the problem. 😁

The raised bed is finished and the blackcurrant bushes are in. Yay!

We've had a week of much cooler, wetter weather - they even had to put the heating back on at school: unheard of in June! because it was freezing in the (much emptier than usual) classrooms - but it's sunnier and warmer again today. We had unexpected thunderstorms over the weekend and very heavy rain for about 10 minutes. 

Roast pork dinner and pineapple pudding with ice cream and/or custard in the shed. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Yummy, you have such lovely dinners😀!

Glad your hayfever is under control with 1 tablet, WHAT??? What did you buy??

Garden also under control, has wood etc all been put in place?


Have been super busy, ordering more stuff.........one foot on the "naughty" bench. Liked bookcase so much have added a couple of other things, so that meant clearing bits away from living room. In the bathroom I now have a console table looks very rustic with vintage stuff on it. Chopped up old bookcase hurrah, great to see back of it haha. Had another unit that really looked out of place so it has been painted and is in YD's room. Used a paint that meant I didn't have to sand or prime, just slap on the paint, how fabulous is that? I didn't want to get rid of it because it is ideal for storage. It looks completely different now. Would have never thought of doing that before, maybe am finding my very hidden artistic talents????

Good you are enjoying book. Some books are def worth a re read😀

Some shops here are re opening, don't now why they are open as we are still under the non essential shops rule unless I have missed something haha.

Away to slurp a muggatea and eat a little lemon cake, will leave some in shed. You can munch on returning from school xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Just buying hayfever meds made a massive difference. I only took 1 and haven't needed to take any since! However the weather has decided that it's no longer summer. It's been wet and windy and quite cold for the last several days. It's been freezing in school: so much for keeping the doors and windows open to ensure air flow!! Not a chance! We'd risk hypothermia! At least the water butts at home are full again and the lawns are green.

Dinner last night was beef stew in a red wine sauce (because I didn't have a joint of meat to roast - put off doing the supermarket shopping until I'd settled into the new working routine; going tomorrow) with roasties, Yorkshire pudding, creamed leeks and mini corn on the cob. Followed by chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce and strawberries. Yum. Never had roasties with stew before. Definitely going to again! Help yourself to the usual supplies in the shed.

School mornings are loooong, mildly stressful and mind-blowingly boring but this morning did seem to go a LITTLE bit faster than last Monday, so maybe I'm adjusting. 6 down 29 to go. 

We went to a garden centre this afternoon - a little one because the big one locally, I've been told, looks like it's been ransacked it's been so busy - to get yet more top soil for the raised bed and some summer plants for my pots. Hurrah! I thought I was going to have to give the pots a miss this year: wasn't going to risk crowds for a few plants. It's just not worth it. The raised bed is nearly finished and the blackcurrant bushes, still in their pots, already have fruit on! Only about a dozen berries on each so not enough to do anything with, but a good sign for next year.

I'm glad you got Lynn sorted out. Virtual appointments are the way forward. Shame about the lido though, hopefully it won't be too much longer until you can have it. 

I'm really enjoying re-reading "Round Ireland with a Fridge" by Tony Hawks. I'd forgotten just how much of a 'feel good' book it is, although I did remember how funny it is in places. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Woo hoo for the hayfever meds!! Makes a massive difference.

Glad school is fine, will take a lot of getting used to, from what we hear on the news there doesn't appear to be that many actually open?

Have eaten the whole cake, munchy munch.


Had my first ever virtual hospital appt this morning, all went well, very easy to use. It was about lynn misbehaving, have a little lumpy bit that is hardening and top of arm is a little larger so new sleeve ordered, glove can stay the same. Lumpy bit should disperse with new fitting sleeve, fingers crossed.

Also spoke to lido unit, not much hope at the moment.

I asked if the patches would help and she said no cause you have so much of it haha, aaah well.

Am reading another boring book, had a look on the big river and as it was free...........thought might as well try it.

Gosh it was chilly here today and we had really heavy rain late last night, brrrrrrrrrr xx





Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hay fever stopped as soon as I bought the meds. Of course. Still a teeny bit sneezy and phlegmy (sorry, too much info?) but the irritating cough went as soon as I took a tablet. Which is just as well: don't want that cough now I'm back at school - they'll be packing me off to get tested and quarantining the rest of my group! 

School is very odd. We had just 8 of the 15 Year 6s yesterday, and 7 today, and that was the biggest group in the school! Everything is tightly timetabled so that the different groups never come into contact with each other, including the staff - although staff do pass in the corridors occasionally, and chat from a distance. It's not the same as sitting in the staffroom together (which is banned at the moment, even that's on a rota!) but it's better than never seeing them again.

Did you get that ironing done, Katy? Or is it still piled up under the CBA bench? 😛

I didn't think much of The Chain either. Certainly not the most gripping read and it definitely didn't stay with me for days - other than being annoyed by it's predictability! I've started to re-read Tony Hawks' Round Ireland With A Fridge which OH bought me (ebook) for my birthday because I read it before and loved it. It is very funny, if memory serves me right. I hope I'm not disappointed reading it again. 

It is soooo dry here. The "lawns" are just dusty yellow weed patches. It is forecast to rain overnight and tomorrow and I really hope it does, even though school will be a bit trickier if the kids can't go outside (the mornings already feel incredibly long!)

I made a cake - Victoria sponge with homemade blackcurrant jam - to put in the staffroom at school because I promised when it was my birthday. I feel we need the comfort food in these strange days. I'll put some in the Benchland shed too. Better get there quick before the spiders eat it! 😄


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Glad you are much better now JCJ😀!

Aaah school sounded fun, do you expect most pupils will turn up on Mon? Not too long before it's a done deal for you.

When are you raising the beds or have you already started? You will have to get that hose that never kinks.......

Finally finished tidying up, all that polystyrene managed to go everywhere so ended up having to hoover arrrrrrgh!!

Also finished book, thought it wasn't up to much, think I will stop looking at recommendations and just decide for myself as last two books have been pretty dire.

I started having hayfever about 4 years ago, mild at first, last year awful this year not great, spoke to chemist after trying everything they had to offer and he said doc will have something stronger so will try doc eventually.............

Think I may possibly iron tomorrow, have had two pairs of trousers needing ironed since lockdown started, what am I like?

Don't know what we are, stay safe, stay alert or stay in haha xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Where do the weeks go? Friday again already!

Get the face "naughty" seen to NOW, Katy, not "soon", that's an order! My loony head disappeared (the looniness, not the whole head! 😛) the next day, but I do seem to have hay-fever now. Never had it before. (Must be reaching the magic age of 40??! 😉) Or it could be that it's been so hot and dry for weeks now: only one day of drizzly rain since lockdown started 10 weeks ago! I bought some one a day hay-fever tabs so, hopefully, that'll sort it.

I had to top up our little garden pond, again, yesterday: the tadpoles were panting! That emptied both water butts so I had to refill them with the hose from the garage tap. It's still only May!! And we had the wettest February on record! I flippin' hate putting the hose away! It's like wrestling a filthy, hyperactive snake!! (Too many exclamation marks?!!!!!!!)

School was fun yesterday. Great to interact with some humans, other than OH, neighbours or shop workers! There were 6 kids in and we spent the morning doing some crazy weaving with all different yarns, fabrics and materials. They seem to enjoy it. I did. We're definitely back on Monday. Scary but exciting. 35 more get ups until the end. I wrote my resignation (with effect from August 31st) letter, when I got home yesterday, and will email it to HT on Monday. Then it will be official. Ooh er.

Had to get up at crack of dawn again today because OH had arranged to get the local sawmill/wood shop to cut one of the W***** (candle strings) delivery pieces of wood cut in half because they are way too thick to make the raised bed with. We had to be there at 8:30am 😱 They were very busy! Nightmare trying to social distance from a load of builders (especially with OH who's a dozy oik at the best of times!)

Need a long sit down now and a large coffee.

Stay safe everyone.... oh sorry, it's stay alert now isn't it?! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

At least it is organised to some extent, now you just have to wait and see how many children actually arrive? At least here parents know it's not until Aug but plans are being put in place for their return.............who knows?

7 books for 99p? How good is that? I seem to be using lots of question marks???? What's that all about? hee hee.

Another glorious day here, lovely to at least have the sun shining.

Am not sure but think I have a little naughty starting to grow on my face, ED took some pictures so I can send them to dermatology, thought I had a little graze, from a scratch but it has started tingling, have been given their emergency number so will contact them soon. Was told to look out as you will most likely have another during a 5 year period. Maybe just sun damage so can't be bothered.........

GS is off, it really has been a joy and has kept my mind off other things.

ED starts on Monday, really concerned she has been given full PPE, visors, face masks, gown, goggles and gloves, youngest GD will go to her own nursery and other two will be in a hub.

My hair is now officially a mop, what a mess, it's at that half and half stage, yuck. That's the beauty of having long hair JCJ.

Hope you are feeling better today, maybe the heat? If you are still not right, phone doc, that's my order for tonight! xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

To answer your Qs:

1) They're a bit fiddly but not difficult. You don't need to be able to knit or sew or anything. It's like magic the way the fluffy wool goes into a solid shape just by stabbing it repeatedly with a barbed needle whilst you mould it - a bit like clay modelling. I might have to buy some more wool to experiment a bit more. 

2) I bought Ashley Gardener's "Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Volume Three" 7 books in one for 99p! I've read some of the earlier ones aaages ago and enjoyed them so this book has been on my wishlist for years. I also got "The Little Big Things: The Inspirational Memoir of the Year" by Henry Fraser. He was a rugby player and he had a diving accident and broke his spine. Paralysed from neck down, yet he's taught himself to sit up and he paints amazing pictures.... with his mouth! I feel I should read his book because then I should realise I've got no reason to feel sorry for myself!

I've started The Chain. Got to chapter 16 so far. Not sure I'm in the right mood for it - feeling a bit weird today - it's not as gripping as the reviews suggested.... yet, but it's OK. 

3) I'm on the rota to go in on Thursday morning (it's half term here, but the Keyworker and vulnerable kids are still going in: maximum of 6, usually only 1 or 2 (none today)). IF we go back on 1st June it will be just Y6 (15 children), their teacher and me in one "family group". Y1, Reception and Nursery are being split into groups of 8 - 15 with 1 or 2 adults. Each family group will have their own classroom and there'll be no intermingling (I should think not! It's a primary school! Lol) so all the classrooms and all staff (except vulnerable) will be in use for less than half the school. Playtime, lunchtime, drop off and Collection are strictly timetabled, with military precision, to try to maintain social distancing between pupils, staff and parents. Even the use of the staffroom has been timetabled! It is strictly NOT a social space now. 😢 The children will have their own workspace and Lunch table, 2m apart, and won't share resources. It will be very alien to them. I don't know how many parents will send their kids in, especially those who have siblings in other year groups. We await Boris' announcement on 28th to see if we're returning. I can't really get my head around the possibility of being back at work (even though not as I knew it!) this time next week!

Goodness only knows what we'll do when/if the rest of the pupils return, in 3 weeks time, as suggested, so they have a month before the summer!! 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Aaaah they are cute, are they difficult to do??

What other books did you buy?

Have started book, at the moment am not overwhelmed, fingers crossed it gets better haha.

Do you have to go into work earlier than June 1st? Do you know how many pupils will be in and is it staggered classes?

Enough questions haha.

Bought another 4 frames and ordered another 4 photos, am very impressed with YD's idea😀

It was a beautiful morning here, had a wander round the park, thank goodness because by afternoon it was really quite chilly.

We are still on the concerned bench about our holiday...............everything crossed that it doesn't go ahead, gosh who would have thought you would want a holiday to be cancelled? xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)


 Professor Feltz 


Teddy Feltz. He has his own tiny football! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Lost a long reply in the middle of typing it last night (deleted the whole thing instead of just the picture I was attempting to add. 😡) CBA to start again then, so here goes now... 

You do realise that different screens make colours look different, Katy? (Hehehe now she'll be worrying about the new bookcase.) 

I finished Florence II and she's in nextdoor's upstairs window. Luckily her daughter didn't want one as well: I don't enjoy knitting the same thing several times in a row. I've got another baby blanket planned next because the pattern is intriguing. I'll use up some more of the donated wool. 

I looked on K (start a fire) book shop and The Chain was only £2.99. I bought it so I can read it too. I also got 2 other books that have been on my wishlist for a while, each reduced to 99p. 3 books for under a fiver - Bargain!

OH in a grump at the moment. He won't admit it, but I know he's stressing about me going back to work. He was bad enough, in September, when I went back after 6 weeks off; this time I'll have been at home for 10 weeks! Fingers crossed the better meds prevent us from having that nightmare again.

I have found a new hobby/addiction: needle felting. OH bought me a kit, for my birthday, to make a little fox and I made him and then made a tiny teddy with the leftover wool. I only stabbed myself about a dozen times with the (very) sharp needle! I would include pictures, but that's where this post went pear-shaped last night....!

It's been hot and sunny here for days now, but today is cloudy and much breezier so I'll probably be on the CBA or Reading bench. Need to rest the aching bones because I walked too far on my Thursday night "swimming walk" yesterday! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Glad your meeting went well😀 am also glad that you aren't going to just fizzle out, would have been sad to end your career like that.

Not a good day yesterday but am on a roll today...........bookcase ordered, woo hoo! Am well pleased have been looking for months and months. Spoke to guy to order and asked him around 50 times if second picture online was def the colour of the bookcase?? He has assured me it is, I wanted a dark oak, if it's not then there will be a problem haha. It is a little larger than the one I have now so with a bit of maneuvering it should fit. Also purchased an ottoman that will store GC's toys am really pleased because I had 3 basket things that were full and taking up lots of room, now I have a nice box😀 You know by now how minimal I am, no clutter.

I also managed to sort photos and frames and they are all on the wall, looks brilliant, such a great idea from YD.

All windows open here but it's a little windy which means it's chillier in the house than outside.

Have you read The Chain, JCJ? Am about to start it soon.

Chariot makes me def more steady and can walk a lot further, a total lifesaver for moi.

Isn't it funny that the chair gives me the fear and your OH it's the chariot.............

Did you finish duplicate Florence?

Podcast was crime related forgot to say xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

So sad about YD's friend. Doubly tough for YD so soon after losing her grandmother. 😢

I have given up trying to persuade OH of the benefits of a chariot. He just won't have it. He still sometimes talks about getting a mobility scooter.... but I won't hold my breath. 

The team meeting went ok: we were all unsure what to do and we had to restart it due to weird echoes, but it was good to see the other TA's faces and hear their voices. It's been a long time. We now know what the routine will be IF we go back on 1st June - that announcement will be made, by Boris, on 28th May. Everyone in school will stick strictly in their own little group of up to 15 children with 1 or 2 adults. The groups will be kept separate at all times. We won't be allowed within 2m of any other adult and the staffroom will not be a socialising space. There is even a rota for breaks and lunch to limit who is in there. It will be extremely odd. If anyone has symptoms they will be tested and, if positive for Covid-19, the whole group - children and adults - will be quarantined for 14 days. I am confident that it will be reasonably safe.

Although next week is half term, there will still be key worker and vulnerable children in (so far no more than 6) and I am on the rota for Thursday, morning only - I don't think OH would cope if I was out all day; he's already getting anxious about me going back. 

I shall probably end my career with the weirdest 7 weeks in school ever, but at least it won't have just fizzled out.

I also washed my car today and did the supermarket shop at 4pm - walked straight into the store and got everything on my list, no problem. Still no flour except bread flour, but I didn't need any because I got lucky on Saturday and found some SR flour in the local shop when I went up to sort out OH's newspaper delivery (2 weeks without one and then they sent the wrong one!)

So much achieved in one day - after 2 consecutive nights with hardly any sleep: I may have to lie down for the rest of the week! 😁


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Dinner was delicious, thank you😀

That sounds like a nice walk, now if he buys a chariot, OH can walk and sit where ever he wants to...........

We started using whatsapp but have changed to google duo, kept having sound issues so much better now, would recommend. Good luck with your meeting.........

YD's friend unfortunately has died, she was on a trial that seemed to be working brilliantly, then it stopped working, so very sad just a young girl. She was married at the end of last year and a couple of weeks ago all her friends at a safe distance applauded her in the back garden, she thought it was hilarious, sad times.


Finished the photo frames yesterday and photos delivered today, am not even going to start placing them all the wall yet, cause I will have to THINK and PLAN haha.

Nipped to supermarket very early this morning and purchased essentials, no queues, I honestly hate queueing..........

Still on the hunt for bookcase, it's beginning to get on my nerves, either wrong colour, wrong size or exorbitantly expensive, have hung on to this one for a long time so will just have to wait.

ED has not started redeployment yet, whew, all things are in place just waiting for the call☹️.

Still chilly here, brrrrrrrrrrr xx





Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Good to see you back, Katy. There's a roast beef dinner with raspberry and apple crumble and either ice cream or custard - or both - in the shed. 

I've put extra supplies of chocolate, cake, tea and tissues by the CBA, CSL and FF benches just in case you need them. Throw any guilt in that lake. We need to fatten up the alligators ready to celebrate when lockdown ends (although I am having to remind myself not to get too excited about that: OH will still have PD, so we won't be getting back to full freedom!)

We went, in the car, to a canal-side pub nearby. It wasn't open, of course, but we took the wheelchair and walked through the woodland by the canal. OH didn't ride in the chair - just sat in it whenever he needed to. It was good to be somewhere else for a change.

I knitted a little nurse doll, "Florence Knittinggale", and put her in my kitchen window so people can see her as they walk by. My neighbour saw it and I've had to knit one for her too. 

Next Tuesday, we are going to have a virtual staff meeting using Microsoft Teams. I'm already on the anxious bench about that. I struggle to handle WhatsApp video calls with YD, never mind 20 of us! 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Am not upside down either, woo hoo😀!!


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Will you or won't you?  Will there be any children in? Seems to be a lot of controversy JCJ.

Finished the little bookcase, it's lovely, woo hoo, so bright and funky haha.

Now have a new project.............picked 8 of my favourite GC photos, purchased frames and am busy painting, 2 yellow, 2 purple, 2 orange and 2 turquoise, smallish frames going onto hallway wall. I was going to put them in straight lines but YD says no Mum put them higgledy piggledly ah ha am trusting her advice and judgement.

It's a little chilly today, brrrrrrrrr, still feel as though it's winter.

How is your new phone?

Am really hoping there is something tasty in the shed tonight, can turn a blind eye to the graffiti........

Big thank you JCJ, your kindness is much appreciated and has helped me greatly, no words can truly express how grateful I am xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

So, we're definitely back in school on 1st June. Probably. Email from HT today outlining how the school will run to try to enable social distancing. I don't envy the senior leadership team: they have had a right mare trying to organise everything and everyone following - ever-changing - government guidelines! It's all a bit scary, but thank goodness I can drive to work and don't have to use crowded public transport!

And, however weird it will be, I know it is only for 7 weeks until I finish for good (unless we have to have kids in school through the summer holiday like at Easter and half-term, in which case it could possibly be 13 weeks!) Who knows. Watch this space. But from a safe distance, obviously. 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Oooh! It seems to have stopped flipping the page upside down even when it's signed me out. Hurrah!

The coffee cake has coffee butter icing in the middle but just a dusting of icing sugar on top - we don't like it too sweet. You're welcome. 

Had an email this morning to say someone has bought the safari mobile in my Etsy shop. At last! That's the first thing to sell since I put loads in there before Christmas! So I had to parcel that up and get it to the post office today. Also had to visit the paper shop (opposite direction from my house) to see why OH's paper, that I ordered, 2 weeks ago, to be delivered every Saturday, still hasn't appeared. The lovely guy in the shop doesn't speak very good English so we struggled to understand each other. Hopefully, the situation is resolved and OH will get his paper next week. But I won't hold my breath!!

It's been HOT today. Like mid summer! I don't know if it was the weather, people expecting restrictions to be lifted in BJ's announcement tomorrow, or, as YD suggests: the VE Day celebrations have made people think this war is over, but nobody seemed to bother with social distancing in the village today. It made me look like a complete mad woman dodging about trying to avoid groups of people walking straight at me! Grrrr! 

We had bacon, egg and mushroom sandwiches for lunch. Yum. Can't remember the last time I had that. Needed some comfort food: I'm so fed up with being at, or within walking distance of, home! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Well, they made a tidy profit, greedy, greedy😡

Just laughing at you and workman...............did you have coffee icing? Love coffee cake, that underwear shop used to sell it but they don't any longer☹️

Nipped over to supermarket this morning for milk and bread, and it was very busy, was before 8am so am not sure if it was health workers etc?? Was really surprised.

Paint arrived last night and was very tempted to start there and then, but sensible head says wait until tomorrow, listened for once sooooooooooo first coat now applied, am NOT loving it haha.

Think I must be the messiest painter ever, splotches on rug, sofa, floor and all over my hands, honestly don't know how I manage it, have always been like that.............

Should have done a proper shop today but couldn't be bothered a great excuse to have a takeaway night, hurrah, other excuse have been painting all day haha.

Other dress arrived with 2 pairs of trousers that just slipped into my bag, like them all so very pleased. Won't need anything else for a long time.

Muggatea made, "CBA" bench here I come xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Mmmmmm delicious tea, thank you Katy. I've shared our sausage, mash and onion gravy with everyone too. 😊

Memory is rubbish - but I'm very good at updating my calendar, keep it on the back of the kitchen door, and look at it every day. Also have reminders set up on my phone!

I made a coffee cake for OH today - belated birthday cake, as we had my sherry birthday cake to eat first. I was very messily scraping the bowl clean and licking the spatula when I looked up and saw one of the workmen, who are digging up the road outside our house to install a new water main, standing on our drive looking straight at me with a big grin on his face. So embarrassed. Smiley Embarassed (wipes coffee cake batter off nose, eyebrows and chin) 

Definitely a good idea to wait for the perfect bookcase at the right price. I was sooo annoyed to be grossly overcharged for DIL's birthday pressie. I saw she'd put a (used) CD she wanted on her (big river) wishlist. It was £15.95 + £1.95 postage. A bit pricey for a CD, but if it's what she wants, I don't mind paying it. So I ordered it. It arrived today and the seller hadn't even bothered to take off the original £9.99 price sticker OR the charity shop £1 sticker. What??!! That's really taking the ****. So angry.



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Glad joey is doing well and you had fun at your virtual party haha!

Happy birthday FF😁

Gosh you have an amazing memory JCJ, can hardly remember my own birthday hee hee.

Lots of nothing done here today, though my shower screen now gleams with that new to me cleaning product. Found a book I haven't read, woo hoo! 

Mum had a fall today and has a bump on her forehead, spoke to her earlier and all well. Blood pressure was a little high so that maybe the cause.

Not going to buy bookcase, it's really not the colour I want so will wait until the one that is perfect reduces in price because at the moment it's at a ridiculous price, have seen it £130 less than the price they are charging at the moment.

Have been getting bombarded from my supplier electric/gas with emails for readings was feeling furious as had given readings when I received first email. On my online account money had been deducted so am thinking what's going on?? Phoned company and after a half hour wait managed to speak to someone. He explained that the readings I had given were hypothetical, WHAT??

No bill but account reduced by amount of hypothetical bill, I'm thinking I am up to date seemingly I am not on his system mmmmmmmmmmm, so readings given today not hypothetical and should have bills soon. What they are doing is because of the virus and people being at home for longer times bills will be higher than usual so they reduce your account. It should have been explained when putting in readings, it's not and it should also be people's choice grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tea on me tonight, cottage pie and broccoli in cheese sauce, no dessert though.

Was runner up in family quiz, woo hoo xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Don't know if you still visit Benchland, FoxyFeret, but Happy Birthday! I've been thinking of you a lot lately and hoping you're staying well shielded from the proxy virus. Hugsxx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Just had a virtual party with a mate of 50 years standing - me with ciggies and Prosecco, him with rollies and cider!!!! We've sorted all the world's problems and our dogs health problems, so tomorrow the planet will be fine...

Joey's wound is healing nicely and he is so fit with all his walks - food consumption has increased.

Onwards and upwards!!!



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hurrah for fixing the shower, well done you😃, a new career???

Not decadent at all, especially as it was a birthday. I am all for takeaways the more the merrier haha.

What did you have???

Bet you were all prettied up for the call hee hee!!!


Popped into town yesterday, less than an hour I was back home and oh my dearie dear was a little/lot pained. Was difficult to remain upright and sitting wasn't happy either..........my face was even more contorted than usual. So will phone clinic on Mon, don't think I will be successful as I have tried every medication known to man.

YD had a small surprise windfall, extra special during this time.

ED will not be at mum's unfortunately, only council run homes.

Tonight is Quiz Night, woo hoo, we have all decided easy questions to start with, thank goodness!

YD and I already have our questions ready.

Bookcase in the living room, cannot make up my mind as the colour is slightly lighter than I would like? Still pondering. Paint job is bedroom.

As I am on the "CBA" bench indefinitely/permanently as the case may be I unfortunately will be unable to tidy Benchland in the foreseeable future, am hoping the alligators will munch the rubbish and when my paint eventually arrives I may paint the shed? 

Let's hope no one wanders around the shed in the meantime. 

Think the birthday girl got up to mischief.............xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

I. Have. Fixed. The. Shower! It was really simple after all my anxious fretting and OH's catastrophising. I talked myself in and out of that job so many times, but feel really proud of myself that I found out what the problem was and fixed it. The part cost £11 including postage, so I've probably saved about £100 by not getting a plumber in! (You watch, the *****y thing will probably break again next time I use it!) 

It was OH's birthday yesterday, so we ordered in Indian takeaway from a shop 5 minutes walk from our house. That felt so wrong; so decadent. Of course, we had Friday chippies today as well, so that's 3 takeaways in 5 days. Goodness! That's a record for us! The chippy collection wasn't so dramatic tonight: I went down at about half past 4, without bothering to pre-order, and only had to queue for a few minutes.

The pension advisor rang me yesterday, but after all my stressing about the video call, it was just a normal call. This was fortunate because when I answered it, I panicked (the first call I've taken on the new phone) and automatically put the phone to my ear. That would have been a weird video call? My inner ear! 😛 The guy was really helpful though and advised me to ring LGPS and talked me through what I need to ask them for. I'll probably do that next week.

Hurrah for YD's super good news (I'm all agog!) and I'm glad that Mum is doing OK. Fingers crossed that ED stays safe. Might she be going in to your mum's care home? That would be good!

I thought you were going to paint that bookcase yellow? However a new, ready assembled one sound good - but would they be able to deliver it into your room?

I hope Joey is on the mend.... and staying out of trouble!


PS. I deny it all. I know nothing about the rude words burnt onto the shed roof with sparklers, or the fact that the alligators appear to be wearing tiaras. Hic! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Have you done it???? The shower?? The you tube videos are brilliant.

It's exciting getting a new phone, have always had a boy's name, a singer, courtesy of ED who gave me her old contract phones, the last one had issues with sound so she searched for another not too expensive one, changed brand phone is bigger really like it only slight problem is photos aren't so brilliant but can't complain.

laughed regarding your hair...........am so glad it's only the girls I have video calls with cause i'm a mess every morning haha.

Day started well YD had some extra superly good news, spoke to carers about Mum, all well there, then there was ED.................she has completed all course work and had a meeting today which means she is now ready to start her redeployment, which puts me straight onto the "worried sick" bench.

No date yet but she will either be in care homes or visiting people in their homes.

Finished the trilogy, read it years and years ago and couldn't remember the whole story, enjoyed.

Am also on the pondering bench, have a bookcase in the living room which I am not too fond of, have seen one I do like, ready assembled, woo hoo do I order???? mmmmmmm xx

Will you attempt chippie tomorrow? xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

I had great intentions to fix the shower today. I googled it diagnosed the problem and ordered the part. The YouTube video looks simple enough. The part arrived on Monday, but I was starting to chicken out of it, especially as OH was not very supportive or confident in my ability to do it! After speaking to YD on phone last night - she basically told me to stop being such a wuss and just do it - so that was the plan for today.... BUT the new sim card for my phone and its case arrived this morning, so obviously I've had to spend most of the day sorting the phone out.

It's a S******* (boy's 3-letter name - he was singing) G***** (stars, planets etc.... or chocolate!) A40. It's fairly basic, not too huge, as modern phones go, but a bit bigger than my old one. It will let me do more... Like access Wi-Fi in hotels and use banking apps which my old phone wouldn't do any more.

I was in the middle of transferring everything - including my number - from one phone to another when I had an email from my pension advisor asking if we could have a video call! What? I've not brushed my hair properly for days! (In fact, I had serious bed hair when I set up the face recognition on the new phone!) I've put him off til tomorrow - said it might take 24 hours for phone transfer (which wasn't a lie!)

What podcasts do you listen to? I like No Such Thing as a fish Susan Calman's Brightside and Off Menu. Sometimes when I'm knitting or making cards it's easier to listen to a podcast than watch tele.

Oh no! Joey in the wars! I hope he mends soon.


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Aaaah poor little boy, hopefully this is the last.........xx


Well, JCJ what a night! Cannot actually write anything about party as am positive it would be deleted by moderators. Such very bad behaviour........

Had been sitting on the "CBA" bench for hours and thought better get moving, post office, small supermarket, then bigger one. No queue at po, no queue at smaller and tiny queue at bigger, so was well pleased. Something happened, loads and loads of sweet stuff fell into my chariot, couldn't believe it! Was at checkout before I realised couldn't take it all back so ended up paying for hundreds of sweets, oh dear!

Now will just have to eat them.

So now back home and back on that bench. Soooooooooooo can't be bothered xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

We now have our own space in the vet's car park!!

Latest trip due to Phoebe, Joey s best friend (!!!!!!!) taking a nip out of his neck and it went nasty. So what with eye drops and hibiscrub to bathe the wound, he's a proper little old man. And I had to negotiate the pet store to buy a harness so nothing rubs on the wound.



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Ballgown and tiara and sparklers, woo hoo😄 birthday girl 40 at last..........................

Glitterberry juice at the ready, platter of sardine sandwiches, hot scones with lashings and lashings of cream, and special surprise ginger beer, we certainly know how to party.

Ooh a new phone, what kind? what does it do? you will be video calling all the time haha.

Oh my what a carry on with the chippie..........ours are still not open.


We are doing a quiz on Thurs night..........oh dear!

Am sure there will be cheating haha.

I will def not do too well cause I can't remember anything.

All quiet here have been listening to podcasts today, it's a first for me, fed up with tv now.

Have a lovely rest of the evening JCJ sending you big birthday hugs xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Pizza, wedges, garlic and barbecue dips, coleslaw and chocolate cherry ice cream (from that pizza shop that could be confused with a pub game) in the shed. Firework display starting soon. Sparkly boots, ballgowns, tiaras and sparklers at the ready. 🎶Happy Birthday to me🎶 It's the big one. But I won't be ordering my senior railcard, as planned - or renewing OH's - just yet, seeing as how we can't go anywhere anytime soon! 


The pizza delivery was hilarious. Back track to Friday's chippies: At about 5:30pm, I ordered and paid online, as suggested on a sign in the shop window. Message popped up saying my order would be ready in 1 hour and 26 minutes. What?! It's fish and chips. Are they out catching the fish? OH couldn't wait that long so he made an egg on toast snack to keep him going. Meanwhile, Phone call from chippy: please collect order at 7:10pm from the back door of the shop. How clandestine? Is it fish and chips or illegal substances?! Ah well, must be carefully arranged so people aren't queuing. I duly arrived at exactly 10 past 7 to find a long queue, people spaced at 2m intervals, at both front and back doors! FORTY MINUTES later, I was in possession of the deep fried comestibles and scurried home, resisting the temptation to stuff them all in my face on the way.

Fast forward to today: I'm not waiting until midnight to have my pizza, so I decided to order it at 12:30 and ask them to deliver at 5:30 to 6pm. Got to checkout: no pre-order available, so I paid anyway thinking, if it arrived a bit early, we could easily re-heat it. A bit early? Half an hour later, (bearing in mind the shop is at least a 10 minute drive away) while we were eating fish finger sandwiches for lunch, the doorbell went and there was my pizza delivery on the path outside and the driver hovering further down the path. Hey ho. The joys of takeaway ordering during lockdown?!


It was all delicious when reheated later (except the ice cream, which was kept in the freezer :p)  so no complaints. There are a couple of slices of pizza left for snacking tomorrow. 😄


YD bought me a phone because I was whinging about all the things my old one wouldn't do, but when I went to set it up, (after waiting for her WhatsApp video call with GD - didn't want to be "between phones" for that!) I realised new phone requires nano sim and old phone has a standard. It looked like I could clip out the middle part of the sim, but that's scary because if it didn't work, I'd have neither phone. I tried it anyway. Still too big. Oh no! Fortunately, though, it still works in the old phone. New sim ordered and I should be able to transfer my number when it arrives. Shiny new phone back in its box and I will have to be patient. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Super quick, Katy? There's energetic! 🙂

Woohoo Scooby Doo, Hurrah! Yippee! Our chippy is open again. No cooking for me tomorrow. Yeah!


 The blanket is finished and I've put it up for sale. Now I'm knitting a nurse doll because a colleague sent me the link for the free pattern.

Currently reading "Running in the Dark" by Sam Reaves. It's good. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Aaaah poor doggy, fingers crossed drops work very quickly, hope you are sitting in the garden just now. Sounds better than standing in queues.................


So not official then JCJ, it doesn't appear we are going anywhere soon.

Had to laugh at driver haha. Glad you are happy with your new stuff.

My dress also arrived yesterday, I love it soooooooooooooooo have ordered another similar style same company. Never wore the cowboy dress & will never wear it, will do a clearout after this is over.

Have also ordered the paint, it's not coming till May so you will be gardening and I will be painting JCJ.

Glad daughter's teeth are calming, both my girls have also had theirs removed, moi no so am assuming either I have a big mouth or am not wise😁

Book sounds interesting had a quick look at synopsis. I could send you the hunting party?

Am turning into lazy lump, started off well at the beginning, but now all seems a great effort, kettle on, muggatea nearly ready, off to the "CBA" bench, super quick. xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Had another trip to the vet, Joey got a nasty eye infection, all gooey and yellow. Now he has to have eye drops, and it's a right tussle because he wriggles for England.....

My social life consists of sitting in the front garden and sitting in the vet's car park. Oh joy.




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Mmmmm! Chippies. 😁 Don't stand still or Katy will paint you bright yellow! Hehehe

Not officially retired yet, I don't think. I shall hand my notice in to finish at the end of August (Yes I know school finishes in July: it's a salary thing!) but who knows whether we'll get back to school before then?

YD's toothache was improving and under control with ibuprofen, last time I spoke to her. She says it's her wisdom teeth trying to come through - it's happened before, several times, but this time was worse (probably exacerbated by the worry of the impossibility of social distancing whilst seeing a dentist!?) I have advised her to find a dentist, when the current crisis is over, if it is still a problem, because I, and most of my family, have had to have our wisdom teeth removed as there was no room for them to come through. (Clearly we were all wise enough not to need them?! :D)


I won't bother reading the Hunting Party if none of the characters are likeable. However, I've just finished The Retreat by Mark Edwards. That was good. Likeable characters and lots of twists!


Bras and jeans arrived this morning. Woohoo! I had an email to say the parcel would arrive today and I left instructions for it to be put in the porch. When I heard the outer front door close, I dashed to the front window to wave a thank you but there was nobody in sight! No van. No person. Parcel was in the porch but the delivery driver had completely vanished! Weird. He must have sprinted down the drive and raced away in a getaway car! 🤔 Bras fit - I knew they would: they're the same as I always get, and the jeans are fab so win, win.


Ordered OH's prescription online and persuaded Dr to issue the repeat for the items that aren't due for another 2 weeks as well. Collected it all from the chemist today. Hurrah! Now I only have to go once a month for him. (until someone introduces another drug to the daily cocktail?!)


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hope daughter has had her toothache sorted, nothing worse because it doesn't matter what you do the pain stays☹️, ouch, until you see a dentist.

That's good news about daughter in law.

Well, you will be busy in May haha raising beds, building and planting..........

Is that you officially retired now JCJ??

We will need to have a party!

Still quiet here, will be until lockdown is lifted, after months and months of crazy, feels odd to just be quiet!

ED let slip she was a little worried about moi, told her not to as I am fine, am ok with solitude haha.

We were all talking last night, YD has a fab artistic eye and has been painting all different things in amazing bright colours, they look really great. I have a little book case that has been crying out for something that will make it a little prettier, she says paint it bright yellow. Sooooooooooo am all excited now! All I have to do is find the paint............

Have had little visitors ants arrrrrrrrrgh not many but a handful, assumed they were coming in via the front door but they are coming in through a tiny gap near my radiator so am spraying every few hours and have not discovered any today hurrah. Am using water and vinegar spray, house smells like a chippie haha xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

I hope Joey behaved himself and didn't disgrace you in the vet's carpark!

Dresses, Katy? There's posh. I placed an order for bras yesterday (famous underwear shop) because it took me ages to find a style I like and I'm panicking the store might go the way of many others (eg Debenhams) and die a death in these uncertain times. While I was there I ordered some jeans too. Just trying to keep them in business. That's my excuse!


OH has bought me some blackcurrant bushes for the garden, so I can still make jam even though we've not got the allotment any more. He wants to make a raised bed for them but that requires timber and topsoil. I investigated online and found a DIY store that will deliver (burning part of candles). Ooh great! Started to put an order together last night but one of items out of stock and OH already asleep. Went to complete the order this morning and was put in a queue for 15 minutes To Get Onto The Website!! What?? The world has gone completely mad. Finished order. Need to book a delivery. Soonest delivery is 12th May. Nearly 4 weeks away. Oh well. We're not going anywhere! 


Sitting in bed typing this wearing freshly laundered night wear and it's making me constantly feel like I need to cough it smells so strong. Couldn't get either of my preferred washing powders in that disaster S********'s shop just before lockdown and had to settle for newfangled pods (money container and ledge under a window) Dreading washing the actual bedding - it'll be like holiday bedding that I always complain about the owners using over scented products. 


I hope your ED stays safe. Scary times. DIL should have ended her maternity leave this week and started her new job (with the same charity) as a Safeguarding and Sign Along trainer. Obviously, this can't happen (and GD can't start nursery) but they've discovered she's still got 36 hours holiday owing so she'll have that on her old salary and then be furloughed for 3 to 12 weeks on 80% of the new salary. So that's a weight off her mind. 


YD has been struggling with toothache - probably wisdom teeth - and, as she says, what a time to need a dentist for the first time in 30 years!! (She went for check ups regularly, every 6 months, as a child, but never needed anything doing). At the moment ibuprofen is keeping it at bay. Fingers crossed. 


Heard nothing about my new glasses. Don't want to pester them as it's not exactly urgent, but I hope they've not got lost amidst the current madness! 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Exciting day tomorrow - Joey going for his check up at the vet to make sure his gums are OK. Consultation will be in the car park!!! 

Last two days have been lovely weather so Sat in the garden with a book and a cuppa.

Keep well.



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Nothing much going on here...............

Lovely and sunny,  looking out of window cause when you go outside it's a little chilly.

Did my once a week shop no queues, so just in and out, secret is going down super early.

All fine with Mum, spoke to carers for ages so that was really good, they were saying she has her "banter" back.

Still keeping in contact with video calls.

ED had word yesterday that they are redeploying her, she has to complete some coursework then she will be off, it's a tad worrying as there is a possibility that she will be going into people's homes. She will have to wear full gear etc. GC will be in hub and nursery.

Am now reading a trilogy by Stan Barstow, that will keep me going for ages haha.

Bought a dress yesterday a casual one will not be delivered anytime soon but that's ok am in no hurry. What am I like wearing dresses? Think it's because I am in leggings all the time now haha xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

WHAT????? "have to move into the shade" are you kidding me???

We did have sunshine but had gale force winds so still pretty chilly, have seen the ever hopeful out in t shirts though, brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Finished the book, it was ok, that's all I can say and it is true none of the characters are likeable at all, haha.

Fell asleep this afternoon watching tv I never do that?

Now, where do I find the camels? xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hahahaha I just had to share this with you. 

I was messaging with YD about my new role as trainee Freecycle moderator: I told her I just had to reject a post, due to lockdown, because it wasn't "an essential item". YD offered to give me some practice by posting ridiculous items. She suggested a diamanté camel!! 😄 I said Benchland would LOVE that! Definitely an essential item. Post accepted. Lol. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Mine signs me out after a few minutes and flips the latest page upside down so the posts are about a week old. Signing in puts it right and I've set my tablet to remember me so I don't have to put in my password (just as well: not sure I even know what it is! 😋) Still annoying though.


I am knitting a baby blanket, for charity, using wool a colleague gave me. I still haven't sold the other stuff (on Etsy, JCJUK) despite dropping the price - twice - and changing the charity to something better known. Originally, the money was going to The Parkinson's Trust (for obvious reasons) now it is for NSPCC as they are working especially hard at the moment with families stuck at home together.


I have just read "A Kestrel for a Knave" (sob) which I got in a Kindle (other....) sale. We read it in school when I was in about Y7 or 8. It is better than I remembered. Now I'm reading "The Heat of the Moment" by Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton. It's about the psychology of firefighting and is fascinating. She is an expert in psychology, has worked her way up through the fire service and is now responsible for co-ordinating the response to emergencies that require more than 11 fire engines and, by her own account, an incredible woman!

Still warm and sunny here. I'm in the garden and I've had to move into the shade. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Guilty is harm our mind and body so you should not feel guilty and keep way by doing some creative things which will be helpful for you


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Oh forgot to say, despite changing settings it's all gone back again to first page arrrrrrrrgh xx