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stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

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Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Woo hoo cosy hallway, feel superly scared using a drill but if you did drill through a water pipe your plumbing skills would save the day😀

Did you manage to get through to docs??


Lido went very well, small headache afterwards that's all just seem to be still tired today but that's all ok.

They are really pushing for overnight stays but am not doing it because I only stay about 10 mins away and would rather be home.

Pretty heavy snow here, started last night, tiny snow flakes ED said horrific driving conditions this morning, it is now raining lightly and if it freezes tonight we are done for...............

Am now knitting cushion covers for my newly covered chairs, easy cause it's just a long fat scarf hahaha xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Radiator has arrived. And installed. I did the drilling myself - under strict supervision. I THINK I have set the timer and temperature correctly so it will work alongside the central heating. The thermostat for the central heating is in the hall, so we might need to adjust that to stop everywhere else being cold. I suspect we'll spend the next few weeks tweaking. But I bet that'll be the end of the cold weather now. You're welcome. 😇


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Tried at least a dozen times to phone the surgery today always getting a busy line tone - not even the "you are nth in the queue" message. Tried 2 local pharmacies, after checking online that they were "participating" ones - because that is what the NHS England letter said to do! Both said they didn't have any flu vaccine and to ring my Dr's surgery. Usual one hand not knowing what the other is doing? Can't go up in person as they won't let me in without an appointment. So I gave up. If I'm avoiding all human contact to stay safe from Covid, I'm not likely to catch flu either and OH has had his jab so I'm not risking passing it on to him.

I'll try and get through tomorrow, but I'm not going to stressfully waste hours on it again. I'll enquire when I pick up OH's prescription up in a couple of weeks.

Smoked mackerel risotto tonight so I won't join you in a beef dinner, but the rest of the beef will be in a cottage pie tomorrow. 😁


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Ooooh new radiator😀 Do you have to drill etc? That's a scary thought.........

Chairs are not glued but went to extreme of nailing hahahaha, that's the way to do it!

Very easy, cost for 4 chairs £9.99 a bargain indeed.

Realised that now have bright colours in every room think it's my brain making the best of these times and like the lights, bringing some happiness and cheer to my heart.

Lido tomorrow hurrah because am not really out life is easier so there is no need to swallow any pills at the moment which is another hurrah.

Thank you for dinner love roast beef so am having it tonight too, you are welcome to munch too.

Oh my, we did meet when we were only a few days old.............xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

This friend you've not seen for 40 years: must have been born in the same maternity ward and not seen them since? 🤔😜

Not had the flu jab yet. I'm going to ring the surgery tomorrow and ask them if they'd rather I went to a participating pharmacy (I know the one where I get OH's prescription does them) if they're too busy with Covid vaccines - surely more important?! 

Wooh Hoo! New, shiny orange chairs. I hope you didn't sit on any before the glue dried! 😂

Yesterday, I ordered an electric radiator for our hall. It's only a small space but it's never had any heating, neither has the adjacent kitchen, since we had the refit in 2015 - taking out the huge, rather unnecessary, radiator in the process. Whenever the living room door is opened, all the heat escapes, and there's a fierce draught every time he leaves the door open!! We've been talking about getting a plumber in to put another radiator on the central heating.... but, realistically, that's never going to happen! I decided to do some research and found there's a plug in one available that's small - and thin - enough for on the wall above the electric socket. No tradesmen required. We just fix it to the wall and plug it in. I ordered it. Should be here by mid week. Hurrah. Only been waiting 37 years to sort that problem. That, Katy, is what we are like!! 😅

Roast beef dinner and apple crumble with custard in the shed. Enjoy. x


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

What are you and OH like?? Hopefully you have calmed down now or the batteries have ran out😀

Have you had your flu jab?

There is one house here with christmas tree still up but there are no lights on the tree and haven't been since people put it up so no real cheer.

Have been busy have 4 chairs in the kitchen, the seats were grey, they are now orange woo hoo! Have disliked for agggges............checked all around you tube for ideas, but had a brainstorm and did the easiest way possible, no staple gun needed. Will never be able to remove again haha.

Also knitted a hat complete with pom pom and managed to sew, woo hoo courtesy of you tube. Have been actually doing it wrong, that's why it was always a mess.

Piece of lovely news a friend I have not seen for around 40 years contacted me and we are going to meet up when we are able to. As long as its not another 40 years..............

The ice has gone, can walk safely now. xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Cold and frosty here. Just been out for my walk and I took it very carefully! There was a video going around on Twitter, earlier in the year, showing a poor woman in Russia desperately trying to negotiate a curb up onto a pavement that was just a sheet of ice. She kept falling over. Dozens of times. And the (presumably) guy filming it didn't even try to help her; just kept filming! I wish I hadn't seen it because I can't unsee it and I was already scared enough about slipping over!!

The only lights still up are on a house in an adjacent street and my white ones in the bushes. But there were lots of stars to compensate (as in up in the sky, not celebrities loitering on the streets 😁) and a clear long view, from the top of the hill, of all the streetlights and car lights on the motorway in the distance. That cheered me up. As did the first yellow crocus in flower in our garden. Yay! 

I don't think I mentioned it but, before Christmas, we received a card from the PD support group - the one we went to just the once! — and in it was a £25 voucher for our favourite supermarket. Wow. Needless to say, a few extra treats found their way into my trolley. 😊

I took the tree and all the decs down yesterday after I got back from shopping.

OH drove me nuts today. Several times I have said to him, and to YD within (even) his hearing, that I was going to leave up the lights outside, to cheer everyone up, until lockdown ends or the batteries run out. He even said he'd leave up the hideous red ones he bought for the front bedroom window and we discussed trying to make them spell NHS. This afternoon, when the white lights came on, on their timer, he said "I would have thought that you would have taken those down by now, you are so organised." I'm afraid I just lost it: "We've talked about them several times. They're staying up. Do you not remember ANYTHING.... or do you just not listen?!" He skulked off upstairs. Whoops! He keeps coming out with inane remarks like that. Completely losing the plot? Or just making random conversation because there's *** all else to talk about? 

NHS letter arrived for me this morning. I thought it would be mammo, at last, but it was telling me to book a flu jab at Dr's - same letter OH had before and when he rang surgery they hadn't got any! Ah well, I'll perhaps ring about it tomorrow, although I know they're very busy doing Covid-19 jabs at the moment: several elderly people in our street have had theirs already apparently. 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Was laughing when I was posting😀

Love new outfit too, will be especially be great for the horrific icy streets and pavements here, have not ventured out for days, (not lockdown) but because you were too scared to walk anywhere.

Am afraid I guffawed with laughter at YD trying to navigate her way to nearest shop, hee hee bad Mummy!!

Especially as she was purchasing essentials for me..............

Have been out today, woo hoo, just have to really watch where you are walking, did my food shopping and picked up prescriptions. So fridge is stocked with goodies, am completely spoiling myself. Well, why not??

Hope you managed to get to supermarket.

We are meant to have heavy snow starting tonight, brrrrrrrrrr, it's very cold.

Don't think many have left lights up here, you do miss the cheery windows.

Is your tree down now JCJ? 

Oh my gosh knitted toddler hat for GD, what a mess, sewing has not improved arrrrgh xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

😂 Thank you for putting a smile on my face, Katy, on a sh***y evening. I was out for my walk, saying a quiet "thank you" to all the houses with lights still up, when my phone pinged to say you'd posted. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the picture. 

So. We're in Lockdown again. I said it was madness for the schools to go back and they did for just one day! All that mixing of households, after 2 weeks apart, for no reason. Complete lunacy. I'm glad I'm not part of it any more. I woke up at 7am, on the dot, this morning. Every other first day of January term the alarm has had to drag me out of my slumbers, but not today when I didn't have to go! What's that about? Needless to say, I took great pleasure in snuggling back down for some more snoozing! 😁

I was planning a supermarket trip tomorrow, but now I'm not sure I'm allowed because the new restrictions state we must stay local in our village, town or part of city. We have 3 small supermarkets/stores in our village and 3 others within walking distance but I was hoping to go to S*******y's for the 3 weekly shop: not been since before Christmas, and there are some items - not strictly essential - that I can't get anywhere else. I'm glad we drove to a country park we like, about 10 miles away, yesterday because we won't be able to go again for a while! I felt a bit guilty going there but the car needed a good run as the battery was dying.

I have a new outfit more befitting our post-festivities body shape. It also reminds us to stay in our bubbles and stay safe. 😋



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

thumbnail - 2021-01-04T185024.820 (2).jpg

Memories, memories, remember when you wore this to Afternoon Tea in Norcambe JCJ?

And the admiring glances you received as we walked along the promenade?

Makes me smile just thinking about it xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Just been out for a walk and ours are almost the only lights still up in our street and there aren't many elsewhere either. It's cold, damp and grey; just the weather to need cheering with pretty lights. 😐

I always feel sad when I take the  tree down. In every other year, it would've come down today as I'd be back at work tomorrow, but this year it's staying up until 12th night! At least I shan't have to get up at dark o'clock tomorrow: going back in January was always the hardest. I still miss the camaraderie - OH only hears half of what I say, understands even less and remembers almost nothing. Some days I'm convinced he's getting dementia! 🙄

Yesterday, I was sitting in my pjs and dressing gown thinking I really should shower and get dressed so I can take next door's birthday card round. It was 1pm. She rang and asked me to come to the front door. (our 'front' doors are actually on the side of our houses so they face each other with a 6ft gap and a knee high wall between) She had a big bouquet of lovely, multi coloured roses for me! On HER birthday! To say thank you for "looking after" her. I've done hardly anything, just the odd bit of shopping - her daughter does most of it - and talking to her on the phone when she rings. I was so embarrassed. And still in my pjs!! 🤭 The flowers will cheer me up when I take the tree down though. 

We had snow last night. But it was all gone by this morning. I'm glad because I'm terrified of either OH or me slipping over but I feel for the local kids. It would have been nice for them to have some to play in before they're back at school. It's utter madness that they're going back anyway!

Fingers crossed your lido goes ahead, and that you're not too ouchy. Still no news about my mammo that was due in October, but I expect the backlog is massive and they have fewer screening sites/appointments. Getting neurotic about every boob twinge! 😳



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Woo hoo JCJ the plumber extraodinaire!!!

What are you like?

I have taken down decorations too, seemed an ideal time, last year I couldn't wait so many wires and glitter was glad to see the back of it, this year completely different and it felt sad indeed plus there is a huge gap of nothingness at my window ideal for sticky fingers.

Weather here has been lovely sunny albeit very cold, makes such a difference compared to those awful long grey days.

Just over a week now till next lido, fingers crossed with what's going on. Have the new tablets but not tried them yet, a case of grin and bear it haha. Am so nutty about tabs because of all the side effects experienced prior to. Do though keep thinking about your OH JCJ, he was wary and his tabs have made a great difference to his life, will see xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Double dipped small boy! I love it. 😁

I was on the smug bench earlier because I have added to my lockdown plumbing successes by fixing the bedroom radiator. It's been cold for months (years?) now, but we assumed we'd need a proper plumber/heating engineer to fix it and didn't other because OH likes a  cool bedroom anyway and, if absolutely necessary, his air con unit has a heater. Anyway, I got fed up of it being freezing in there and not being able to use the radiator airer to dry stuff so I Googled. Turned out to be a simple fix which I did in less than 5 minutes! Dah dah! The shower, both the kitchen taps and now a radiator. *bows to acknowledge applause*

Bit sad tonight though because so many people have already taken down their festive lights which have been so enjoyable on my evening walks. By the end of the weekend, I expect they'll nearly all be gone. 😢 My white ones, in the trees, are staying out until the batteries run out but I'll take down all the Christmassy ones. Bring on the spring and the lighter evenings. The snow drops are starting to come up so that's a reminder of better days to come. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

2nd bath in as many hours done😀, no more curry hair, woo hoo xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Happy New Year, woo hoo!

Can't believe it another year has gone by, though 2020 is one we will wish to forget, erase from memory, as soon as...........

Sounds as though you had a lovely time JCJ, I know it's not the way you wanted things but thank goodness for the internet. Glad you received everything on your wish list and OH was trying his very best. Lovely.

Very quiet last night, actually went to bed early, GS is with me and today because it was such a nice day we went for a smallish walk, it was try to avoid the huge icy patches and snow. Not 5 mins out and I wheeled pram through a huge pile of poo, how blink'in disgusting. Thank goodness there was ice and snow cause I managed to get rid of all of it whew! GS thought it was funny being pushed backwards and forwards numerous times.

Just eaten a takeaway tonight and ordered an extra roti for GS, he loves them, all was going well until he slapped said roti right into curry on my plate, hands and hair now smell of curry (not mine) and am determined he's not having another bath, mmmmmmmmmm well maybe I'll have to. Even with a sponge down, smell is still lingering.

Glad GD's wellie was rescued, think scarf could be anywhere........

Now did you run out last night and play with the sparklers??? You never could resist xx





Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

RATS! (that's considerably more polite than I was earlier!!) We are in Tier 4 from midnight tonight. Good job I didn't book swimming for tomorrow it will have to close. Again. 

Christmas day was actually quite good. OH decided he would like to have dinner in the evening, as we do every other day of the year, instead of at 1pm ish as per normal Christmas. This meant I didn't have to get up early to put the turkey on (and no early morning wake up call from visiting toddler either 🙁) and it was very strange not being able to smell the turkey cooking in the morning. 

We had a zoom call with the girls, to open presents together - hastily posted parcels had arrived in time! - which was really lovely. GD was delighted with the back pack (for nursery) and cuddly toy cat I bought her. They all loved the little coat I knitted for GD's toy mouse to wear when they go to nursery (I even stitched a name tape in it "Mouse S******" 😁) It almost felt like they were here with us, but we got a bit emotional when the call ended. 😢

Dinner was lovely, if not really much more than our usual Sunday roast, and I portioned up enough turkey, ham, stuffing and gravy to put in the freezer to do it all again when the girls can finally visit. (I burnt the pigs in blankets so I'll recook some fresh!) OH made a real effort not to be grumpy and he'd bought nearly everything off my wish list! Well done him! 😁

I made 2 "Boxing day pies" (turkey, ham, sausage, tin white wine sauce, bought puff pastry lid) so we can have that, too, when they come as that's a firm favourite. 

Oh no! Not the scarf! If you retrace your steps, maybe some kind soul will have found it and hung it up somewhere? That's what happened to GD today. They got home and DIL realised she only had one pink unicorn wellie, having set out with 2, so YD went out to look for it and some helpful person had put it, upside down to keep the rain out, on the railings of the park. YD said it was payback for all the times she's/we've rescued shoes, gloves etc and put them on a fence/hedge. Small victories. 

New Year's eve tomorrow. That will be a quiet one.... one of my neighbours is letting off fireworks now: partying while they still can?! Let's hope 2021 is better. Can't be much worse can it? Or am I tempting fate?! Bring on the vaccines! Wishing everyone a safe, healthy New year. x



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Merry Xmas, woo hoo!

Had a lovely time, meal delicious apart from dessert which was yuck, completely tasteless. Purchased because I thought GC would like it.............never again.

Walking was a little difficult as I was wearing only one glittery shoe???

Received a very sentimental gift from ED which had us both bawling, what are we like??

Nipped out today and stocked up with essentials shouldn't be out for another week now.

Very quiet here, it's extremely cold so think everyone is hiding, and of course lock down.

Forgot to say when out on Xmas Eve afternoon GS had his new scarf on, very cosy, on the way back home I noticed it had disappeared, oh no, did someone take it because it was soooooooooooo beautiful? No think he pulled it off, naughty baby so will have to do another haha.

Hope you enjoyed your meal JCJ, quiet without your girls, never mind fingers crossed you will be celebrating in style perhaps in the summer??

Tried to post last night and everything disappeared and said I had no internet connection which I did??

So this is yesterdays post haha!!


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Merry Chriiiiiistmas everyone! 🎄❤️ Stay safe.



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)


What a great start to the day...............and presents..............woo hoo.

Am wearing my tiara in celebration.

Went for a brisk walk this morning, it was brisk because it was super chilly brrrrrrrrrr.

Cushion is a disaster🙄 it is a draught excluder, WHAT?? not my intention at all and I don't want one!

Sooooooooo reason for walk was to purchase one, found a round one but have no idea of colour because I have some colour blindness so will have to wait until YD comes along.

Unit arrives today, am organised for it now, spent Sat doing touching up painting, moving and emptying the other one which is now in the hallway and is looking fab. Will send you a pic hee hee. YD came for the one that was in the hallway last night, she wanted it for her bathroom so everyone happy. And tidy.

YD's bedroom also had a tidy up so room is much more spacious looking.

Sorted almost for Xmas...........xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

I take it back. They are not morons. They are wonderful people. My pension lump sum has landed! Tralalalalala. 🎶

In other news: parcel from the girls arrived this morning so we now have gifts under the tree from them. 😁🎁🎄Pretty amazing service when the whole of the UK (or at least England!) is frantically reorganising Christmas!!


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Och aye the noo! I always wanted to live in Scotland - even more so with current political shenanigans! - so I'm delighted my alter-ego has found her way there. What a shame I can't actually broom up for a visit?! 😊

Pension money not gone in to bank account yet. I checked. Twice. Received a payment invoice in the post this morning and they're STILL getting my name wrong even though I have corrected it. Several times. Even on the bank account name, (a joint account named with BOTH our names, but they've just put mine.... or their version of it 😖) They've put a 'y' in my first name and put it as my middle name. I've written to them, in the past about this and corrected my name everywhere it appeared on the claim forms. Filled in the bank details IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Morons. I was about to telephone the number on the invoice and let them have it.... when I spotted that the payment date on the invoice is 22/12/2020. Ah. I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow before losing my sh** on the phone! ☺️

I've promised the girls I will freeze the necessary meats and trimmings for both Christmas Dinner and some Boxing day pie (family tradition: ham, turkey and pigs in blankets in a tin of white wine sauce covered in bought puff pastry. Delicious and dead easy after the strains of Christmas Dinner cooking) Even if it is July when they can next visit, we'll have it. DIL says we can always wash it down with a nice chilled white wine if it's the middle of summer. 😁

Horrible dark, grey, damp day today, but at least the days start to creep longer after today.

I want to see this scarf, KTC. Is it super chunky? You knitted it very quickly! 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

woo hoo for your plumbing skills😀!!

How good are you?

Such a shame about your girls though glad no horrible side effects. Such a lot to celebrate next year!

Sooooooooooooo will it be turkey every day until it's done?? You can't even put some in the shed cause I don't like it haha.

That sounds really lovely for your GD next year.

Because scarf was successful am now doing a cushion, easy stuff first.

Went into town this morning and beat the crazy queues everywhere thank goodness cause I was going to leave it till later but forecast is heavy rain and I coudn't be bothered getting drenched.

Now you have a doppelganger here JCJ, This lady is your double, unbelievable, had to do some double takes.............Thought you had used the broom for a flying visit, the only difference appeared to be a Scottish accent!! 

Riches arrived in your bank account?? Woo hoo xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Day started well. Pension letter arrived - actually a quicker response to my forms than I dared hope - lump sum goes in on Monday and pension payments start 31st December, back dated to July. Whoop! Untold (peanuts) riches!! 

However, thanks to tonight's announcement from Downing Street, I'm now on the What'sThePoint? bench, known also as the trying not to cry. I knew it was possible they may not be able to come but it is still a crushing disappointment. Ah well, that stops me stressing about whether DIL will still be contagious (infectious? I never did grasp the difference) or if I dare risk keeping the turkey in the (unheated) conservatory for 4 days. Just us then. And he's a miserable *** at Christmas! Ah well. We should be grateful we're all OK (still no symptoms fir DIL, YD or GD) and can look forward to celebrating when it's safe. 60th birthday, retirement do and now Christmas all postponed. It'll be a bumper year when/if we survive the pandemic?! 

YD is planning to do a Zoom meeting on Christmas morning when we can open presents 'together'. I've parcelled up everything postable (NOT the coffee syrups!) in a big box which I'll take to the Post office tomorrow. It's in our village supermarket, so open 8 til 8, 7 days a week: so handy! 

I'm glad I bought the 'wool' - in cheery festive Red and green - to knit an advent calendar for GD for next year. It's a brilliant design. Each pocket has a little knitted toy/ornament with a hanging loop to be hung on the tree. I shall cheer myself up by starting to knit that over Christmas. 

I fixed the dripping hot tap in the kitchen, today, that's been doing my head in for months. Hurrah. OH wouldn't let me before. He wanted to get a plumber in (even though I successfully fixed the cold tap) because we don't know how to turn the hot water off. In the end, I turned the water off and ran all the hot taps until the tank emptied. Sorted. 👍🏻😁



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Aaaaargh, dropped a full muggatea all over floor yesterday and this morning dropped a muggacoffee all over kitchen unit, geez am annoying myself greatly..............

On a happy lala note, a very unexpected parcel arrived 2 mins ago, beautiful card and gift.

Gift under tree unopened, will keep for Xmas Day, which is soooooooooooo unlike me, am usually into everything haha. But am being super good this year!!!

So a very big thank you to my fellow Benchlander JCJ,  huge hugs, woo hoo for Xmas!!!! xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

aaaah that's disappointing JCJ, but as you say better to be safe than sorry. Glad DIL is fine, it's all just crazy.

At one point you will be altogether, that's the main thing and a great thing to look forward to.

Would def have a mini Christmas Dinner.


No I had two different things but the same dessert, honestly cannot resist, think I have said before meringue, banana, vanilla ice cream and a caramel sauce, it's truly delicious...........

Am really fussy with carbonara don't like it too wet, hope your tummy is better now.

My new sideboard arrives next week and I honestly don't know what I was thinking?? A couple of days before Xmas and will have to rearrange furniture etc, do you not have enough to do?? arrrgh. Am excited to have it but.............

It's rained every day here I think, so depressing, today it was semi dark all day long.

Remembered to order all meds and picked them up today, hurrah don't have to think about it now till middle of Jan.

Finished scarf turned out well, I enjoyed doing it but no plans for anything more adventurous haha. xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

OK. There wasn't a Christmas menu (we can say the word now it is past Nov 5th: No fear of Santa being frightened/woken up by fireworks!) so what did you have? Did you have the same the second visit or try something else. I always find that a tricky dilemma: go with what I know is good or branch out?

I'm envious because we can't eat out at the moment as we're in Tier 3: delivery or takeaway only. 😐 We had takeaway from a pizza place after OH's swimming tonight. We've only ever had pizza from there before, on just a few occasions, and they've always been good, but tonight we tried the lasagne and a ham and bacon carbonara. Both tasty although it was a bit bizarre that they came with garlic naan - which was very greasy - rather than garlic bread. We struggled to eat them, in the car, with the plastic forks I keep in the door pocket (for takeaway emergencies) - perhaps it would have been easier if we'd brought it home! There is some left over that might make a nice lunch tomorrow but my stomach wishes I hadn't eaten it: probably way too much cheese and cream for me to digest without a gallbladder!! I felt a bit icky for a while! 

Disappointing news from YD. She phoned to say that DIL has had to have a Covid test for work and it's come back positive. 🙁 She is fine, but they will all have to isolate for 10 days - at least: if YD or GD test +ve in that time, or develop symptoms, then they'll have to reset the clock, so to speak. This means they won't now be coming here on Christmas Eve as that's the 10th day. They will see DIL's mum on Christmas Day and come here 26th - 28th....possibly. It is not a problem. We can still celebrate Christmas together, hopefully, but just not on Christmas Day. Technically, it's breaking the rules as they'll be here outside the official 5 day "window" specified, but as they will have been isolating - and we're not going anywhere! - it will be safe. That's if the rules don't change anyway due to the rampant infection rates!! And only if DIL - or either of the others - doesn't get ill. 🤞🏼Worrying times. YD is stressing about the fact that they could be at their home for Christmas and she's not got anything organised... and now can't go anywhere!! I said it's just a day: we can have that special day another time (trying to convince myself, as well as her!!) At least GD is too young to be disappointed. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I shall have to pick up the turkey as planned and it will be too big for our fridge.... or freezer... so I'll probably have to cook it Christmas Eve/Day anyway. Maybe we'll have a mini Christmas lunch and save the full roast beast feast for when they're here. If necessary, I suppose I could freeze the turkey once it's cooked and carved. Realistically, it could be months before they can come, if we have another lockdown after Christmas. 😡

Staying well that's the priority. Got to remember that. Keep positive. Grrrrrrr. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Gosh that was a busy week JCJ😀!!

Quiet weekend? Dreaming about your new found wealth, woo hoo, tiara and ballgown successfully attired.

Pine cones are snow and glitter and tree is also snow covered sooooooooooooo................put them up anyway, you can see them if you are next to tree, hee hee! 

Out for late lunch yesterday, no C menu, WHAT???

Was lovely anyway.

Am out again tomorrow, same restaurant what are we like?

New hoover really good though at first I wasn't impressed...........then I realised lid wasn't on properly it's perfect, old hoover must have been on it's last legs for ages as this one sucks up every last crumb etc. Excited over a hoover? Who would have thought?

Scarf is halfway done, have not had any time to really do it, maybe that's best not too hard on the fingers. Have done it in stripes so not just plain haha. Had to look up you tube to figure out how to cast off, had completely forgotten!

Am away to search for those marbles xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hurrah! Fireworks! Sparklers! Tiaras. Ballgown. Doc Martins. Glitterberry juice. Aliburgers. Paaaarty! Pension paperwork finally arrived this morning. The ones I was promised by the end of Last week!! If that is what "prioritising" looks like I feel sorry for everyone else.

The silver lining of the delay though is that after 6 months of nothing at all 4 1/2 peanuts a month seems like untold riches!! 😁

I filled everything in: maximum lump sum please and went to post it on my way to the chip shop. Also in my hand was a Christmas card for the chippy staff with a little "thank you for being the highlight of our lockdown weeks" note and a donation to their Christmas staff tip box. (In previous years, I've put my change in there every week in December, but this year we're not paying with cash!) I VERY nearly put this envelope into the post box instead of the pension one!! 😱 I'd have looked a proper idiot giving the pension one to the chip shop??! Senior moment indeed. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Commiserations on your *%&£ day. Here's a mugatea and a slice of cake: 🍮🥧😁

Hurrah for a new Hoover! I hope it serves you well and lasts as long as its predecessor.

Can you spray the pinecones a different colour - maybe gold or silver? or paint them to match your picture frames? Or you could maybe make them into a garland to hang somewhere else?

My Christmas tree went up on Sunday. It is overflowing with ornaments - mostly festive teddies and silly knitted things, although there are some baubles from when I was a child and some I picked up cheaply, second hand, when all we had to hang on a tree were Quality Street chocolates!! (the shiny wrappers make them very effective tree Decs! 😛) Every year I say I'll have to get a bigger tree (although it's already hard to see the TV past this one from one end of the sofa!) or stop buying/knitting stuff for it. Every year I ignore myself! YD says I should get a second tree, but I don't know where I'd put it!!

On Monday I made 5 dozen mince pies and stowed half of them in the freezer. I have finished making the Christmas cards and written most of them. I've just got a couple more to write; ones I want to put longer messages in. 

I went swimming today (and Monday evening - only 28 lengths away from finishing the 11ish mile Lake Windermere swim I started in March.... I've done a LOT of treading water during the 2 lockdowns!!) then I drove back to nearly home to pick OH up from the library and then back to town to visit the computer shop (100 yards from swimming pool!) We were going to buy a new PC or laptop because OH needs Windows 10 for self-publishing his book. I've been putting him off because he struggles enough with our current computer without trying to learn a whole new system, but I'm worried about how secure it is for banking, shopping etc. So I decided to bite the bullet. Anyway, the guy in the shop was really helpful and said he can upgrade our current PC for £105 and will guarantee that it will be like new and will work with our printer (another reason, I was dithering... last upgrade required a new printer! 😖) That's considerably less than we were expecting to spend so we're taking it in tomorrow. He says they'll do it the same day, but I won't pick it up until Saturday because it's OH's swimming on Friday: I'm not doing THREE trips to town in one day, having done 2 today!!

Yesterday, I did the last food shop before Christmas, apart from picking up the turkey, fruit, veg and cream from the farm shop. While I was there, I got the chocs my neighbour wanted to give her daughter (who does most of the rest of her shopping) so that'll be a nice surprise she won't be expecting. I also ordered a book for her online as neighbour has no computer or Internet (I can't imagine life without Internet!!)

So, a productive week. I'll not know what to do with myself next week?!

Time to go and cook the rump steak for dinner. They're only small steaks so we'll have mushrooms, peas, tomatoes and a jacket spud with coleslaw with them. Virtual leftovers (there won't be any real ones!!) in the shed. Help yourself. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

What a stinker of a day arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, went up to nursery with twin buggy, had to come home get single buggy to pick up prescription and one other thing. Both of their shop doors are too small and wasn't going to leave GD outside, grrrrrrrrr. Then it started to rain yuck. Came home and there were leaves all over the place from buggy wheels so brought out hoover did hallway, bedrooms and bathrooms. Next on the list, the living room which was the worst and kitchen so switched on hoover NOTHING, grrrrrr.  Tried switching off and on, tried lots of things then gave up.............so it's in the bin............

To be fair it's pretty old now, it was Mum's she had it for years and I have had it for around 9 so can't really complain. ordered a new one which I can collect today, hurrah. 

So will collect then order a taxi to go and get GS, can't face walking up the road haha.

Then went to have my shower and GD wanted to come in arrrrgh, no peace whatsoever!

And lastly ordered pine cones for the tree, they came today and will be invisible on my tree as they are same colour so I give up! xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

All you need now is reindeers, santa, light show etc etc hahaha, Christmas is a coming.........

OH sounds great now, amazing what tabs can do!!

Had an awful weekend, GS was really sick on Friday afternoon, he's never sick, by evening I was feeling yuck, lasted until Mon, GS was fine on Sat haha. Thank you nursery.

Still pretty cold here though no more snow.

Have been reading, and enjoying. 

GD came here with a knitted scarf which was really pretty sooooooooooooo have been pondering for ages and decided to buy some wool, am only doing a scarf because fingers hurt and not sure if I will even manage that haha, used to be able to knit fair isle jumpers, a very distant memory now. Was ok knitting Mum used to sew them together for me cause sewing is not my forte.

Muggatea calling me and what a toffee cake? sounds good to me xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Walking is a bit better for OH, but he is still extremely slow. He can walk a little bit further than he was doing, but I'm not giving up the Blue badge just yet! He tries to do a regular walk around the block or to the park - neither of which he could do before. In this weather, if I'm walking with him, I have to remember to put on extra layers because I get soooo cold walking so slowly. Cotton leggings under my jeans and my big down "playground duty" coat which is far too warm if I'm walking normally, but great for standing about/dawdling. 

My back is much improved, although it still niggles a bit. I was sweeping leaves this afternoon and it didn't like that!

I bought some more Christmas lights at the garden centre on Thursday. They didn't work so they had to go back on Friday to be swapped. I have moved the short set to another tree and put the 20m of new ones all around a redcurrant bush. They look amazing. These are on a timer too: 6 hours on, 18 hours off so, until the batteries run out, I don't have to do anything. Perfect!

Not started the Mince pies yet - that was plan B if it was raining today, but I got the lights up and some jobs done in the garden instead. I'll probably do them on Monday and I'm going to get the tree and the rest of the decs up in the next few days too.

The girls had a wee bit of snow over in Norwich but we just had lots of rain. I was relieved, because we had warnings for snow and I had to take OH swimming last night: I really don't like driving in snowy conditions! I'm booked to swim on Monday. Hurrah! Though it'll still be a faff because the showers remain out of use. I may go Thursday lunchtime as well, while OH is at the library. He's booked to swim Tuesday but we can't have a meal out after - maybe we'll get takeaway instead.

Fingers crossed for YD's job. Such a worrying time for so many people. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hurrah for the good news JCJ, brilliant one less thing to worry about😀!!!

Is walking better too for OH?

It's just marvelous the improvement.......

How is back now? Nothing worse, spasms are soooooooooo painful.

Am terrible at decorations never mind lights, put them on every tree JCJ, something to cheer everyone.

Tree went up last night, YD decorated it all and it's beautiful, she is very artistic, opposite of her mother haha. Have Mum's old baubles on tree too can remember them when I was a little girl. Love the new tree, it's very old fashioned looking, memories, memories. Had a lump in my throat when it was finished.

Sad news as it's looking like YD will be made redundant, pretty soon. How do you find a job when there are thousands and thousands in the same position.

It was snowing here last night brrrrrrrrrrrr and more to come over the next few days, winter is here.

Has marathon started yet JCJ? xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Ooh. I didn't see your last post, Katy, don't think I got the email!

Neighbour's daughter didn't want the coffee syrups. Phew! Just as well as they did just send what I asked for.

I've had a text from a delivery company, this morning, telling me my parcel will be delivered between 11.18 and 12.18. How very precise! I can't think of anything else I've ordered, so that's exciting.... or, more likely, they've texted the wrong number! I didn't click the link to see what the package is because I didn't recognise the company, in case it's something dodgy.

Speaking of dodgy, my back is giving me jyp at the moment. I didn't even do anything! I was walking back from chippy on Friday night and it suddenly spasmed (no the chips weren't THAT heavy.... How dare you suggest such a thing?!) It's been really sore, especially in the mornings, and getting out of bed is a nightmare. It is getting gradually better, I think, but I had a panic yesterday when I remembered my late, middle sister's secondary lung cancer started with back pain. Get a grip woman! You've had this before. It WILL get better. 

I was going to do the mincepie-athon this week - no YD to help again this year 🙁 - but I'll need to wait until my back is better before I can stand that long. Instead, I've started to put up my Christmas Dec's to cheer the place up. After a month of grey, damp lockdown, we can all do with a bit of joy! I certainly appreciate other people's Christmas lights when I'm out on my evening walks! On Monday, I bought some cheap, battery-powered-with-a-timer, LED lights. I've put them in a tree at the bottom of the drive. Aw pretty! It was MUCH harder to arrange them artistically in the tree than I imagined. In my head, it was an easy job and they looked fabulous. In reality, it looks like a doing the Victory (or otherwise!) sign to the neighbours! 😳 The lights were labelled "Indoor or Outdoor Use", but I'm not sure what country they were intended for because the instructions state: "Do not expose to wet, damp or humid conditions..... Or sunlight"!! (DIL says the biscuit cupboard sounds like the ideal place to put them up: beautifully illuminated biscuits! 😁) They did look nice though, and the timer switched them off as expected - we'll just have to see if they come on again at 5pm today. I may get some more, either for the same tree (48 lights aren't really enough!) or for the other tree....or maybe even both! 

NHS letter this am, but I didn't panic because, although I'm expecting the bowel screening results, the envelope wasn't thick enough to be anything other than "No further tests required", which is what it turned out to be. 

New drugs are always a dilemma, aren't they? You just have to balance the benefits against potential SEs. Imagine if you didn't have the lido? OH delayed taking new medication for years because he was afraid of SEs and yet, when he finally succumbed, it was life changing and he could have avoided so many problems! True, there was that anti-depressant he had to stop due to horrific SEs..... and he's still got a Santa belly due to latest addition to the "cocktail"... but usually the benefits do outweigh the SEs. 

Try not to break any more glasses! 

Right, I've sat too long. Time to drag the bod to the shower for a bit of hydrotherapy. Running hot water onto the small of my back helps SO much, I could stay there for hours! 



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

How cute is that? JCJ, GD cuddling and cosying down😀!!

You are having a "special" flu jab hahaha!

That's typical of company don't want to go overboard? After me saying they were really good, fingers crossed neighbour's daughter doesn't want them...............

GS not in nursery again, honestly he catches every snotty bug that you can get, arrrrrgh, hopefully next week.

Had a phone appt with pain people today and may try another drug to help when lido starts to diminish, we'll see, am always wary because of the literally hundreds of tablets I have swallowed over the years and all the side effects I have experienced..........the only alternative is morphine............and that's not happening.

It's raining here AGAIN, so boring.

Have two pairs of glasses and last week I found tv ones on the floor all askew so was not hopeful, dropped them off at shop and they fixed them woo hoo. On Mon reading pair were needing tightening went back and they were sorted too, woo hoo. Later Tues evening the leg/arm came off, WHAT??? So will need to go back again next week, I'll be the one with the really red face. Very luckily I have an old pair that at least I can read with.

Chippie tonight?? Will be hovering.........xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Surgery rang this morning. OH's flu jab booked for 10th December. He asked about mine and they said they haven't got that sort in. Why would mine be different? Gender? Age? Something to do with PD? Or are they all the same, really, they're just allocating them in order of priority, which is fair enough. We're avoiding contact with people to keep free of Covid, so we're not likely to get flu either at the moment!

Another email from syrup shop: it seems they may have just sent the chocolate one and the box, as I requested, and I've already offered the other 2 syrups to neighbour's daughter. Oops. Neighbour was going to ask daughter if she'd like them. Hope she says no! 🤞🏼

I joined the Zoom TinyTalk meeting again this morning (forgot last week and didn't get up/dressed in time ☺️). Next week will be the last one as they finish for Christmas and will be back meeting, in person, in January, regardless of what tier they are in. Great news for the little ones and their adults, as it's much better for them to get out of the house and meet together, but I'll miss it. When we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, GD lay down on the floor with her Teddy and stayed there for the rest of the session, because that's her going to sleep song. Ahhhh. Adorable. 😍

Glad lips are improving. I hope that's it now for you. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

missed replying about flu jab, that's not good at all. Can they not get it from another surgery? Everyone here was done at the hospital this year xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Ooh sounds a yucky mess but excellent service from company, gift for neighbour? or postman?? haha!!

Glad pension things are being sorted though next week? let's hope it's Monday.

Good for you getting cakes done............

Had a look at book but am not loving the sound of it😀

Read very quickly Cara Hunter Close to Home, easy read. Will try another.


Poop gone hurrah, fingers crossed for excellent results asap.

Looks like it's great news for Christmas with the family JCJ, big sighs of relief for you.

I know Norcambe was pretty basic but the views and promenade, beautiful and as you say memories will last a lifetime. What would we do without Rita's..............

Fingers crossed something will be managed at some point next year.

All quiet today, just GS and me, we played with cars for a while then he fell asleep, must have exhausted him haha x 

Bit that was unsightly has gone from lip and it's not nearly as ouchy, hopefully won't have to do another week, hurrah xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

I've been thinking about Norecambe too. I wonder how many of our favourite haunts will survive. I imagine that when/if we do eventually get to go again, it will be a different place. Rita's relies on tourists and elderly people for trade.... and she's not exactly a spring chicken herself?! Still, I console myself that they can't take away all the happy memories! 🙂

News about effective vaccines looks good so maybe normality might be restored by next summer. 🤞🏼 Though, I'm not that confident: it was also on the news that everyone over 50 should have a flu jab. OH had a letter, from NHS head office, telling him to get a flu jab but, when he rang the surgery, they hadn't got any!! Surgery said they'd contact him when some became available. That was over a week ago. PD makes him vulnerable as well as his age and the letter said he should have it before December! Doesn't look promising for NHS administering millions of coronavirus vaccines?! 

Pension people rang me this morning: apparently I will receive the paperwork in the post by the end of next week. At last. Let's hope that all the delay means they've calculated a nice big sum for me. Yeah, right?!

Talking of post: more disaster with DIL's Christmas presents. YD suggested a Norfolk company that makes - and delivers - coffee syrups, so I thought that would be nice to go with the fancy coffees. I ordered a box of 3 syrups: chocolate, cinnamon and gingerbread flavours. They arrived on Monday. OH said he heard the parcels hit the floor in our porch and this one rattled suspiciously so I opened it, very carefully, in the kitchen. The plastic wrapping was hiding a hideous, gooey mess. The chocolate syrup bottle had smashed! Having managed to carefully wash the chocolate and broken glass off the other 2 bottles, wrapped the remaining chaos in 2 plastic bags and put it in the bin, I  contacted the company asking them to send a replacement - just the chocolate syrup and the gift box. This morning, I've had an email from them saying a complete new set is in the post. I feel bad about that because it's not their fault our postman thinks he's a rugby player!! Now I've got to find a use for 2 big bottles of coffee syrup. I won't use them: I hate sweet drinks. Can't even donate them to the school Christmas Fair as there won't be one! Maybe the food bank will take them. 

Also in Monday's post was the Bowel Cancer screening kit. Nice! No comments about any similarities please! 😳 I sorted that out and posted it back. (not the most enjoyable way to spend a Monday morning but so much less invasive than other cancer screening!!) Apparently, I'll be sent the results within 2 weeks.

Christmas cakes are made. They look a bit pale and I wonder if they're properly cooked, but I remember thinking that last year and they were OK. It's a nerve wracking recipe because it has to stay in the oven until completely cold so you can't test to see if it's done. Every year it gives me stress, but I don't want to switch recipes because this one was given me by my late, eldest sister 30+ years ago, so it's very nostalgic and part of the family tradition. And it tastes great! 

What are you reading, KTC? I just read "Agnes Grey" by Anne Bronte, because I saw it mentioned in another book - and it was free to download! - I actually quite enjoyed it. I also read "The girl beneath the sea" by Andrew Mayne which was very good, if a tad far fetched. I'm going to look out for other titles by him. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Will we ever see Norcambe again JCJ????? xx

My C present from ED and family was going to be a stay in a hotel over New Year...............that's not happening.................so have been told today will receive something else................no hints at all.

Was gift from holiday a C present or did you already receive, if so what was it??? xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Hurrah for selling😀, woo hoo!!

Good weekend, managed to get things that you leave for another day/week or even months done, so pretty pleased. Went super early to supermarket this morning then had a rest and in afternoon did town stuff. Rain stayed off, been raining for days and days now, yuck.

Decided to get some more photos ordered and painted frames to go with others in the hallway. Have one quirky pic of oldest GS that makes me smile every time I look at it so the new photos are of the other 3 are super quirky too, GD will prob be super mad when she sees it but just couldn't resist.................

Lips were awful ouchy thought bottom lip was going to explode, bit of an exaggeration, this is my last week but will have to leave it until things calm down a little haha.

Back to reading again, purchased 2 books today from charity shop. xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Glad you're feeling better. 😊 Hurrah for lido effectiveness too! 

Yep. Chippies fetched and devoured. Highlight of the very dull lockdown week. 

Just finished the family present shopping, online of course, as always. DIL put some fancy tiramisu flavoured coffee on her wishlist - from a shop on Norwich! - and I ordered it along with 2 other coffees: whisky flavoured and Christmas pudding. They arrived here this morning and the whole house smells of tiramisu!! Not unpleasant, but not what I'd choose as an air freshener!! 😁 I have had to wrap the paper bags  of coffee in 2 plastic bags and seal them in an old plastic ice cream tub.... and I can still smell it! It's a good job she's not here: that would spoil the surprise? "Tiramisu? No, I can't smell tiramisu". 

Still contemplating cake making - may even make a pudding for next year (I've bought this year's, but they need to mature anyway): haven't made puddings for years. Used to make them every year, for the following year, until one year they  all went mouldy and I only discovered it too late to buy one. Trauma!! I nearly made the cake today, but decided to save it for a day when I've got nothing else to do. Got to spread out the jobs in Lockdown or I get sooo bored!!

OH and I both had an email, this morning, from our local Borough council, saying there is a high Covid-19 infection rate locally and when /if lockdown ends on 2nd December we may be in the highest tier.... so still effectively in Lockdown. 🙁

The girls have had to take their 'new' car back to the garage because it was behaving strangely: losing power, in 5th gear, when they were travelling back from our house. Instead of fixing it, the garage has given them a full refund! But now they've got to find another vehicle and go through all the tax and insurance refund hassle. At least they don't need a car for commuting - or holidaying (they bought the bigger vehicle for camping!) - at the moment as they're both still working from home and GD's nursery is within easy walking distance.

I sold a knitted adult and baby monkey today, on Et*y! That's 2 baby blankets and the monkeys since I decided nothing was selling so I'd knit a blanket for myself!! Another few quid for NSPCC. 😁 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Have you started cake making? Done or still contemplating?

Nausea starting to fade and tummy feeling so much better hurrah, was really getting fed up!

Did the walk to nursery no problem shows how much lido works it's brilliant stuff, considering was unable to do it for last two weeks.

Am not staying in hospital, thought about it and am happier to be at home.

Was meaning Benchland, as long as you are signed in it works if not its the whole thread from beginning...........

Is it chippie tonight??

It has never stopped raining this week and oh so horribly grey, yuck xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Sorry you've been feeling so yucky. Hopefully, it's just the SEs and there's not too long to go now. If the lido does it's stuff, at least you won't be in so much pain as well. xx

Your "not looking too bad" comment - was that about Benchland (which still seems to be madness.... and not of our making, for once!!) or your face? I've found the best way to find the latest post is to just click the link in the email. It's much harder to dip onto other threads and follow them chronologically, though, like I sometimes do. 

Perhaps the overnight thing for your lido might be a good idea? Gives you longer to rest before having to travel home (even if it isn't so far now). And if you're just going to sleep in a bed during treatment anyway...! I bet they can double the number of treatments too, if some are overnight!

Dead jealous that you can still lunch. All cafes, pubs and restaurants closed - except for takeaway - in England, until at least 2nd December, and then who knows....?! All we can do is go for walks or shop for food or medicine ('though all the shops were open by S********'s when I went yesterday! It seems selling a few cleaning products or some tins of dog food entitles a shop to deem itself "essential" and remain fully open!)

I'm well on the way to having finished my Christmas gift shopping. Done it all online as usual. I also bought the cake ingredients yesterday and a pudding. I'll probably make the cake this week, unlike most years when it's a mad dash to get it iced in time for Christmas day (and then we almost never start eating it before New Year anyway! 😁)

I hope the GC are playing quietly and letting you take it easy. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

It is looking ok now.....................

Oh my what a yuck time I have been having, not feeling too good at all over weekend!

Mon a little better, just a little haha, tues lido, usual headache but the positive was this time I had my own room with bed that I jumped into and fell fast asleep, it was really brilliant, they woke me up for lunch otherwise I would prob still be sleeping😀

Not too bad at the moment and fingers are not as sore, woo hoo!

Having a quiet day, well, YD & GS are here so it'll be kinda quiet, I hope.

Am reading book that I am really enjoying sailing through it, so will have a look for others by same author, been a long time since I liked a story line.

YD found an early Black Friday bargain for GS's Xmas, £100 off, delivered here yesterday, woo hoo!! xx



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

It's very, very messy, hopefully they will sort it soon cause it's a tad annoying...........

Yeah for magic nana!! How lovely😁

So that means you were up and dressed and looking chic???

2 more weeks of cream, yes side effects are long list...............

Am assuming this is going to turn into a thing that looks like a giant cold sore arrrrgh, thank goodness for the mask. 

Had a call yesterday from lido place asking if I would like to be admitted, spend one night having treatment then leave in morning. Was completely taken off guard, said I would just keep things as they are at the moment. There are pros and cons, sometimes you feel yuck and it would be nice to just curl up and be looked after. But home is good too! Am not sure?? That's a huge change they are now offering for treatment, wondering if it's the side effects?

We are allowed to lunch JCJ, so we are booked for Nov and Dec haha,

Another "in" day, may venture out tomorrow.........xx




Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Goodness! The posts are all over the place! It's lucky I have email notifications so I know to search for a new post!

How much longer do you have to put the cream on? You wouldn't think an external application would cause such SEs, would you. 🤞🏼it does it's magic.

Speaking of magic, I joined GD's TinyTalk Zoom meeting this morning as "E****'s Magic Nana". 😀 They made me very welcome and it was lovely to join in.

Beautiful sunny day today, after days of damp, dull, grey. I walked up across the fields to pick up my Tapoxyfen (a new brand I've not seen before... quite an achievement after nearly 9 years of taking it!) this morning and, this afternoon, I took OH to a nearby Country Park for a walk. (He's missing his swimming and library friends so we needed to get out.) All that walking makes up for not swimming this week. I'm shattered now! 

No lunching ladies for you then either Katy, if you're in Tier 3?

The girls would have been coming tomorrow - just seen it on the calendar 😕 - ah well, at least we got to see them last week instead. 

PS this is madness! It's just taken me 5 minutes to find this post to edit it because I realised I didn't answer your question: no I've not heard about my pension yet. Hopefully that means she's doing what she promised and sorting out everything I'm entitled to. It's complicated because I've demoted myself and then reduced my hours in the last couple of years, but they should base the amount on when I was full time HLTA, apparently. 

Whilst trying to find this post, one popped up from FoxyFeret!! I got really excited.... until I saw the date was January LAST year. What is going on??!! 😡



Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Oh what a mess!

Couldn't find your post thought it was upside down so then had to click on your name so I could read your post grrrrrrrrrrrrr! So thank you for letting me where to look, annoying, yes very.....................

Glad you found your calcium, hurrah.

We are now in tier 3 which means you can't drink anywhere so have no issues there haha.

Managed to get lots of things sorted yesterday, catch up time, phone calls and some paperwork, actual papers aren't due till Jan so well in advance will prob forget to post them haha.

Any word about pension?

Didn't go out and in again today and tomorrow so giving my body a little rest.

Though saying that have the two youngest GC, GS is very snotty so he's not at nursery and always have GD Thursdays. All ok so far GD keeps grabbing things from GS, used to be other way around..............so glad there is no long walk today. Am also sleeping really well think I am passing out because of pain haha so cakes etc are most welcome!

Started cream on lips and side effects are fatigue, joint pain etc so it's def a combination of everything.

Not raining here today, makes such a difference than everything being so very dark and grey.

Also bought 2 smaller little houses which light up there was nothing on box telling you anything about them so guy in shop said I could return them if I didn't like them, came home and they are battery operated when you switch them on they are flashing all different colours, not sure about that but they are cute little houses so are staying put xx


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

Ooh. Katy, your first post in this thread has now been pinned at the top. I thought the posts had flipped upside down again but your most recent one is next. We've moved on a long way from that original post! 😁

Hurrah for bargain Christmas snow house!

I've started my Christmas shopping. Bought a few things online following suggestions on YD's wishlists (hers and GD's). Now I get the fun of parcels being delivered. 

Lots of tea, cake and biscuits by the everything hurts bench. Not long now. x

THE letter was just informing me that the bowel cancer screening kit will be sent to me in the next couple of weeks, so no results to worry about..... yet.

Popped into local town today because I can't get my calcium tablets in local shops. We're supposed to be in Lockdown 2 but it's ridiculous how many shops have managed to claim they are "essential"! I didn't go anywhere other than the chemists (x 2: first one sold out of calcium) and supermarket though. 


Re: stop feeling guilty, small rant (BENCHLAND)

40 is not old nowadays JCJ🤔...............

Oh goodness now you will start worrying re results, in the old days you didn't get a letter unless there was something wrong, when I received letter my stomach did flips, service changed and everyone received a letter that year and onwards whew!

Good job you haven't had mammo, jittery bench would be rattling.

Have a travel cot here and it drives me crazy, one day it folds no problem next day I take about 20 attempts, my blood boils..........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Had a slow wander to shops near me with GD this morning and bought a Christmas Snow House, have coveted one for a long time. Been looking online and liked one at around £25, saw same one today for £9.99, woo hoo!! Couldn't believe it???

Am on the "everything hurts" bench, one week to go, just have to grin and bear it or grimace and bear it haha xx