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Blondie - Sixteen Years On


Re: Blondie - Sixteen Years On

Blondie your post has given me some hope!!! Diagnosis this Jan of mets in lungs TN diagnosis primary was April 2017 so I was a year out of treatment when they found the mets 5 of the little sods in total watch and wait yes I feel you as I am on this too had a stable scan a week ago following my diagnostic scan in Jan and onc has therefore decided to keep me on this for at least another 6 weeks if no changes on xrays more watching till my next ct which will be 12 weeks on from this last  one

My onc doesn't want to start treatment as yet it's not helping my anxiety at all but he has a plan once he thinks the time is right for me 

To here someone is still going strong after all these years is a huge thing for me as I have been beginning to feel like it's going to be over for me pretty soon as  I just don't trust my body as it has already let me down twice now and so desperately want to live as long a life as possible 


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Re: Blondie - Sixteen Years On

Thank you blonde for giving us an update nd also the message of hope that it gives us SBC ladies especially those who are recently diagnosed. I’m glad you are coping with all that life has thrown at you as it sounds like you have had a particularly tough couple of years.

Nicky xx


Re: Blondie - Sixteen Years On

Hi Blondie 


Congratulations you are such an inspiration to us ladies. Sorry you are having such a difficult time. Please keep posting. 




Re: Blondie - Sixteen Years On

Congratulations Blondie, you have had a difficult time lately but the joy you bring to others with your annual posts is invaluable- keeps our hopes of a long life ahead alive.  Thank you for that.

You are a legend on this site

wishing you the best



Blondie - Sixteen Years On

Well folks here I am again - still beating the odds, still going. 

The Breast Cancer is behaving itself (still no evidence of disease) and my CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia) status is still ‘Watch and Wait’ - so different from breast cancer where the quicker the intervention the better, that does take a bit of getting used to! 

This year has been a hard one as Mum has had bowel cancer metastasised to liver. Mum is nearing the end now but is still positive, never complains and, thank goodness, isn’t in any pain. 

My approach of ‘not looking too far ahead’ has got me through this year (and probably the previous few years caring for my husband) that and attempting to find something, just for me, that brings me joy on a weekly basis (more if you can find the time!)

Sending you all positive vibes!!!

Take care