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Breast cancer - mets in liver


Re: Breast cancer - mets in liver

Thank you so much for replying.

I'm hoping its something else but I think I know.  Its so encouraging reading about others who live with this everyday so positively and I really hope I can be as amazing as you all.

When I got my initial diagnosis I was ok but scared of losing my hair - pain and side effects didnt seem important I just thought it was a means to an ends and I would be ok in 18 months or so - but now all I want to do is live.

All these messages I read give me hope so thank you, truly.

Really hope you continue to be ok, and we are all here for the next few years to support each other.

lots of love xxx


Re: Breast cancer - mets in liver

Hi there, 

understandable you are scared. When I was diagnosed in 1999 with BC they found something on my liver, a mass they told me. Well after freaking out big time it actually turned out to be a cyst which they drained and it went away ( it didn’t hurt).

My cancer did return 16 years later but am still doing ok. You will find lots of ladies on here who have liver metastases and we are all coping. There are lots of treatments and hope.

I know it’s hard not to worry but have a read around these boards and you should find some reassurance.

sending a hug



Breast cancer - mets in liver

Hi guys

Maybe I shouldnt be posting but I'm terrified.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer just over 3 weeks ago.  They told me there was nothing to suggest it had spread and after the initial 'oh sh*t' feeling I was quite positive and always have an 'it is what it is' attitude.

At the results appt I mentioned my right arm was hurting so the nurse said she would put me in for a PET scan just to be safe (I would not have got this had I not mentioned my arm).

Went for the results on Tuesday and they have told me there is 'something' showing on my liver - COMPLETE SHOCK.  

I now have to wait nearly 3 weeks for an ultrasound to confirm but in my heart of heart I know it is.

I'm trying to stay positive but everything you read basically says its a death sentence and I'm totally sh*tting myself.

Hoping some of you can help me in ways to cope