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Genetic appointment


Re: Genetic appointment

Hi Cassy, I just had the genetic test few weeks ago (in Canada). It was a blood test. The blood sample was sent to USA for the mutation testing of 85 genes including BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. My result is all negative except one has variance but was told it is common. My understanding is if BRCA positive, I might be offered PARPinhibitor as part of my treatment.

I was given the form twice. The first time was after my 1st diagnosis in 2011 when 43 years old. At that time, I just ignored it as I was not aware of any benefits.

The second time was after my 2nd diagnosis in Sep last year. This time I filled in the form with the cancer history of my family. My grandmom died at 36 due to breast cancer. My mom died at 80 in 2014 due to breast cancer (primary at 68). my dad died at 70 due to colon cancer. 2 of my cousins died at early 40 due to liver cancer. 1 cousin died at 22 due to bone cancer. 1 cousin is living with stomach cancer.  As both of my parents passed away in Vancouver, the same place as where I am living. Probably, they have their records, I don't need to provide any certificate, they simply went through the form and told  me I am qualified to take the blood test during the genetic appointment.



Re: Genetic appointment

Firstly thank you for replying I firstly didn't ask for this yo be done but we had fill form in of both mum and dad family's details of who had cancer in general some information on it too was quite difficult getting some ad my mother is Irish and they even wanted my grandads dad death certificate we now have to tell them mum had thyroid cancer xxx

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Re: Genetic appointment


I had a genetics appointment many years ago when I had my primary.  This was because my Mum had had primary BC and one of her female cousins had died from BC. From what I can remember they mapped my family tree and also wanted access to my biopsies, as well as my Mum's (they are stored for a while at least at the original hospital).  They tested these for the known BRCA1 and 2 genetic mutations and kept the samples in their (national) sample bank.  As it was we did not have the genetic mutations they were checking for but I would imagine in time other gene mutations will be found through research and that treatments in the future will target those (although not in my lifetime).  The planning of the family tree helps them see clusters of BC in a family to try and identify if there is a genetic link, we didn't have one from what they could see.  The reason I did ask for the appointment was for my 2 daughters as I imagine they are at increased risk of getting BC (even without me and my Mum having no genetic profile to prove a link) and they can re-test the stored samples, especially as research moves on and more knowledge is known about how BC mutates in itself and which genes mutate to cause it to happen.

As I say, this was many years ago (2003) so there may be a different approach now or more questions or samples taken.

Nicky x


Genetic appointment

Hey everyone =) 

When I first got diagnose Di was given forms to fill in about my family history and Cancer is who had it what type death certificates copies had be given etc. 


Anyway week today Monday I have genetics appointments has any one had one and if so what do they do? My dad's taking me and as my sister works in hospital she is interested to know more about it. I think mum has decided not to go as she doesn't wanna over load then, any information will be greatful.


Thank you xxx