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It's #TimeForTrodelvy


Re: It's #TimeForTrodelvy

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Community Champion

Re: It's #TimeForTrodelvy

thanks for this Bernard, wanted to get back up higher in threads to give others opportunity to read and sign petition, everyone even if not impacted by this, please sign the petition to give everyone opportunities for drugs to be available to them. 💕💕Shi xx

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It's #TimeForTrodelvy

Hi everyone

Last weekend our Policy and Campaigns Team launched an important new campaign to ensure eligible patients can access triple negative secondary breast cancer (TNSBC) drug, Trodelvy.

We are concerned patients living with incurable TNSBC may be facing a delay before they can access an exciting new drug called Trodelvy on the NHS - a drug which could provide them with the hope of more time to spend with loved ones. 

While the drug is set to be licensed for use soon, it won’t actually be assessed for use on the NHS until much later this year with a decision then reached next year – meaning a wait of many months before the women who could benefit from it can access it.

What are we doing?

We’ve launched a petition urging the company who own Trodelvy, Gilead, to provide the drug free of charge until a decision is made about its routine use on the NHS.

A similar agreement was struck between another pharmaceutical company and NHS England earlier this year – so we know it’s possible.

We'd love for you to sign the petition - the more names on the petition, the more pressure we can put on Gilead to do the right thing.