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Mets in shoulder bone


Re: Mets in shoulder bone

Andeles, try not to worry about cancer in your bones too much, it ca be treated for a long time, I have bone another areas, bones are never mentioned. just make sure you are having denosumab, 3 monthly is fine, and taking a daily Ad-cal tablet.

hope this helps.

ramade x


Re: Mets in shoulder bone

Hi Andelea 

Welcome to the forum . Sorry you have had to join us the place no one wants to be.  I have had bone mets for 10 years now. On the forum look for bone mets please join in you will see there are lots of ladies living well with good quality of life. 

It is a shock I know when we are told such awful news 




Mets in shoulder bone

I had Stage zero breast cancer in my right breast in 2017 had a double mastectomy I had a general surgeon remove them never saw an oncologist she never put me on preventive medicine or had me do check ups.  She said I will be fine never had radiation or chemo therapy went on my merry way now I started having shoulder pain in 2018 but i thought it was a rotator cuff problem had an MRI done a month ago and have two tumors on my shoulder bone. My orthopedic surgeon  put a metal rod in my arm because of the weakness of the bone I could not use my arm at all I had a pet scan done showed that was no disease throughout my body only my shoulder which is good he did a biopsy it came back that it is Mets bone cancer.  I’m meeting with my oncologist on Tuesday morning to find out the severity of it and a treatment plan to go forward. 

Is there anyone out there that has survived this for more than a couple of years I know it’s hard to tell how long you have everyone’s different but I would like to see that somebody has lasted 10 to 14 years and not 2 to 5 yes I’m scared but everybody keeps saying don’t look at this as a death sentence you can get through this you will just always be a cancer patient