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Newly Spread to Liver and pancreas

Community Champion

Re: Newly Spread to Liver and pancreas

Hi Melinoa 

Sorry to hear of your recent spread. I have had liver mets for the past 7 years and haven’t had any problems with appetite etc so I can only assume it’s the spread to your pancreas that is causing this. Hopefully the stent will give some, if not a lot, of improvement. To regain weight you can always speak to a nutritionist who will be part of the oncology team. There could be some supplements that help without filling you up too much if you appetite is small. If the liver is also causing problems hopefully whichever treatment you move onto will help with the liver and once that is more controlled your appetite will pick up. I must say that for the 12 or so years I’ve been a member of this forum (since being diagnosed with mets in 2008) I haven’t come across anyone with spread to the pancreas so I’m not sure if you will get any specific answers relating to that. However plenty of ladies unfortunately have had or do have spread to the liver so there may be some more help or advice from one of them.

Nicky x


Newly Spread to Liver and pancreas

I have had metastatic cancer for 5 years now and over lockdown lost 3+ stone, have now been told the cancer has decided to move on and is now in my prancreas and liver. This was only discovered due to me becoming jaundiced.

I am now awaiting a stent to be put in the top of my pancreas to solve the blockage the cancer has caused.Does anyone have any observations or advice about how to enjoy life to its best with this new diagnosis.  find I cannot eat much and lack energy which I have not really suffered from before.
Any advice would be brilliant thank you in anticipation.