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Re: Phesgo

Hi, I switched to Phesgo in the summer, had 8 rounds so far. It's so much easier than the IV infusions.  My port, which I though I would have forever was removed a month ago.  The doctors weren't keen to remove it but I hope to be on Phesgo for a long time and it's removal has helped me get on with living a normal life.

I has nose problems at first but a smear of Vaseline applied with a cotton bud fixed it almost immediately.

Itchy arms and shoulders are also an annoying side effect.  The supplement ALA Alpha Lipoic Acid taken an hour before bed seems to be helping.


Good luck


Re: Phesgo

Hi Kimba 58,

Sorry, I didn't reply your message earlier as I missed seeing it. I am on Phesgo 9 day after tomorrow and another 5 more to go by March next year. I also got my 1st zometa last time along with Phesgo and that made me bit tired and achy. My fatigue is still ongoing and the knee joint pains. As I am post menopausal, probably the arthritis is setting in. I can't complain as phesgo is such a blessing for Her2 positive like mine and hopefully, it will keep us free for future too. Is yours just Her2+ only or harmonal positive too?

Take care




Re: Phesgo

Dear Sara123 and Megs

i was diagnosed at the beginning of December 2020 and have now had Phesgo for six months. It seems to work well although not symptom free, mostly nasal and appetite issues although some stomach and ache problems on days 4/5 after the injection. I hope you are both doing well. 


Re: Phesgo

Hi Meggs33,

I was given Phesgo #5 two weeks ago after 4 infusions of H&P since March this year. It is a great releif with few side effects I am facing now.I am being treated for my HER2+ breast cancer diagnosed in November 2020. My Phesgo side effects are few like my nasal membranes are always painful with tiny boils inside for which my doctors gave me a cream to apply which helps a bit. I am also suffering from lot os insomnia all the time and reduced appetite. These side effects may not be there for others. Hope all going well with yours.

best wishes



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Re: Phesgo


I am now on Phesgo and am so relieved. 

Prior to that I was on Herceptin and Perjeta IV for almost a year, just about dodging a port fitting in January. Do you have a port? Needless to say, the injection is so much beter. I hope they manage to stabilise Kadcyla for injection soon. That will be my next drug. 

Wow. You have been on the H&P combination for five years? Well done. I've not known anyone on it for so long. I thought the avarage was about eighteen months? Do you mind if I ask if your cancer is only in the bones? That seems to be the criteria for long term H&P. 

Thank you so much,


Angel Eyes x 


Re: Phesgo


I had my 1st Phesgo on Friday and just have a stiffness where the injection site was. 
Like you, I’ve been having IV treatment for 5 and a half years so this is such a breakthrough and is more than welcomed!! 
Hope you reacted well. All the best x


Re: Phesgo

Hello, I had this injection today, no issues and only took 5 minutes. Good luck with yours x

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Re: Phesgo

Hi @mags 33 

Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry you've not yet had a response to your post. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to continue the conversation.

In the meantime, if you'd like to chat with one of our breast care nurses, you can call them on 0808 800 6000. They are available during the week 9am-4pm and 9am-1pm on Saturdays.

Best wishes,
Senior Digital Community Officer

mags 33


Any ladies had the new treatment Phesgo injections which got introduced 19/4/21 replacing the three weekly intravenous pertuzamab and transtuzumab , I’ve been on this for five years due to start this on Saturday