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Significantly shrunk

Community Champion

Re: Significantly shrunk

That's fantastic news, so pleased for you and thank you for sharing!  Long may the good results continue 😊 xxx


Re: Significantly shrunk

Hi Cathyb

Fantastic news!!! So pleased for you.

Like yourself I have mets in liver and lymph nodes but also on my spine. I am on ribociclib which I think is a similar drug to yours? I'm also on letrozole, zoladex and Denosaumaub.  I had good results too two weeks ago with some shrinkage in the liver so I was over the moon too.

Thanks for sharing the good news, it's great to hear positive stories and it gives me hope.



Significantly shrunk

Hi I just wanted to give some good news and especially for those who have been recently diagnosed.

I had liver, breast and lymph spread found in January and I have been on three cycles of Palbociclib and letrozole.

I saw the oncologist on Monday and I have significant reduction so much so that they couldn’t find it at first in the liver and the lymph has gone, with small amount in the breast. 
As you can imagine I was overjoyed, I know this is a rollercoaster we are all on and it could change later but for the moment I’m happy with that.