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Terminal illness claim rejected


Re: Terminal illness claim rejected

Hi, thanks for replies.

She said in her experience because of my gender, location of metastasis etc she expected me to have a few short years but there is always the chance she’ll be wrong. when I later quizzed her she admitted there was no way to know how long or short with any accuracy. I’m just hoping for the best. 
She says it could well be less than 12 months hence saying she would support my terminal illness claim. 
I’m a little peeved as the only medical info Zurich requested was her opinion and it probably wasn’t negative enough. 


Re: Terminal illness claim rejected

Hi dan, 

I’m so sorry to hear what your being put through it’s awful you can’t get the support you need. If you don’t mind me asking why is your prognosis only a couple of years? I’ve just been diagnosed with spine mets and on the same treatment as you apart from I’m going to be on Ribocliclib. I’ve been told it’s very treatable and can be well controlled? I have grade 2 lobular breast cancer and I’m near to your age I’m 35. Xx

Community Champion

Re: Terminal illness claim rejected

Hi Dan, I’ve no experience of this as my secondaries are well controlled. My heart goes out to you in this situation. I’m surprised your GP isn’t more involved with what you’ve said. I would say go to Macmillan. They have advisors there who will complete forms for you and do battle on your behalf. I attend a Maggies Centre and I can tell you the benefits advisor there is like a Rottweiler. Does the forms, sends them in and gets on the phone. Always gets a positive result. You need support as it’s bad enough having this crap disease without battling for your entitlement. Good luck. X


Terminal illness claim rejected


just after any advice or others experience of making a terminal illness claim.

I’m male, 36 with 3 kids and I’m not able to work because of everything so the payout would of meant so much.

i was diagnosed in September last year with metastatic breast cancer which had spread to my spine. I have undergone surgery including rods and screws to spine and now I’m on letrozole, zoladex and palbociclib.

my oncologist from the start told me I had a few short years. Later I asked about prognosis and making a claim and she said I should as there’s no guarantee how long I’ll live.

i got a call today from Zurich today who say as I’m having this treatment etc I could well live longer and unless I’ve definitely got less than 12 months to live won’t pay out.

i don’t think there’s any way of knowing that.

any advice would be great.