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Todays new diagnosis


Re: Todays new diagnosis

Hi IMac55,

Not the result you wanted for sure  and it’s a horrible shock ...however.. I was diagnosed with extensive bone mets over 6 years ago , lots of vertebrae , ribs, femur, pelvis, skull. I also had a collapsed  L5 vertebrae. The collapse was cemented with a procedure called Vertebroplasty, then some Radiotherapy. I have a monthly Denosumab injection to strengthen bones . The ache I get in lower back is from osteoporosis, the mets don’t actually give me too much trouble at all. I also have liver mets and so have been on various treatments and lead life pretty normally. 





Re: Todays new diagnosis

HI Imac58

I am sorry to hear your recent news, this journey is not the best so many ups and downs along the way. More downs mostly. Its a change of life and mind. The Radiotherapy will knock the b*****d bone mets and they wont know what has hit them!! May I ask how old you are? I feel that a problem shared is a problem halved and this forum is great to share your thoughts.

I am newly diagnosed and it gives me hope that you have been stable for 4 years, I have 3 bone mets on my spine and like you I will be waiting for that day when treatment has stopped working. I hope they get on quickly with the bone biopsy so they can get a new treatment plane for you.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on.

Lou xx

Todays new diagnosis

Hi all,

It's ironic that a couple of weeks ago I was on here moaning because I couldn't get travel insurance,  and today my oncologist rang with feed back from my recent mri and ct scans. It's not good. I have bone mets along my spine in 9 different vertebrae.  Also rapidly developing osteoarthritis in the spine, and 2 compressed discs, caused by the fragile bone he thinks. 

It's one hell of a shock after being stable for 4 yrs with one lesion in my lung and a tiny one in my pelvis, and regular routine ct scans not showing fast growth or changes. 

My tumour markers are increasing too. I now need radiotherapy for back pain and a bone biopsy for establishing if I'm hr positive or not. This will determine the next lot of treatment. 

I've shared with my husband and on here. Dreading telling my sisters and grown up children. All live away so may have to be in phone calls. 

Fragile spine means a big change in my life re independence,  and a possible house move. Even though I knew 1 day I'd be experiencing this, it's come as a shock as other than the persistent and increasing back pain, I feel quite well. I'm gutted 😢