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Travel without Insurance?


Re: Travel without Insurance?

Hi. I’m not currently on chemo, just immunotherapy. They may not cover you because of the chemo, but Mark’s and Spencer have covered me for Spain next year for everything including COVID, just not the cancer, although I have declared it to them. Worth a try if you haven’t already contacted them. Good luck. X


Re: Travel without Insurance?

Hi all,

I completely sympathise! I love to travel too, and once diagnosed with SBC you want to pack in as many lovely trips as possible.

I was recommended Boots travel insurance and I’ve used them a couple of times. Last time it was a trip to Vietnam and they were way cheaper than other companies. I can’t remember for sure but I think I was covered for only non-BC related stuff. At the time I’d been on Kadcyla for a few years and hadn’t had any complications so I felt fairly safe on it.

Hope you all get to travel again soon



Re: Travel without Insurance?

If you have a e111 card, although now known as something else surely you are covered for something in Europe? I am not entirely sure but worth investigating. We recently renewed ours & passports but that was before I went on Capecilabine. Wishful thinking!! Before the pandemic we went away and I had insurance but took me a long time to find. I had secondaries and was on exemestane & everolimus at the time plus got cruise ins attached. It was for the Far East and cost about £370 for about 18 days and was with Sapphire & through insurance with.com.
Best of luck.


Re: Travel without Insurance?


I have SBC in bones and liver. I have been looking at quotes to cover a holiday to major a in August. Best price I can find is just over 500 with All clear travel insurance. All other sites I have tried have said no quotes available. Not sure if this helps.



Re: Travel without Insurance?

Moneysavingexpert has some useful information https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/pre-existing-travel-insurance/

We were going on a big holiday last year and I'd managed to find reasonable quotes before the holiday was squashed by the pandemic.

Sue Pat

Re: Travel without Insurance?

I would also like to know people's experiences with travel insurance.

Just before lockdown I had a total duct excision followed by a further operation to test the surrounding tissue. It was declared clear and I was told I did not need to advise the travel insurance because the cancerous cells were in the duct and not outside. Therefore I did not have breast cancer. We have yearly insurance through our bank so I didn't tell them and we booked a holiday for September.

Well 18 months on I have now been diagnosed with first degree invasive breast cancer our holiday is in 7 weeks time (if we can even travel that is) I have a feeling I won't be covered because they will say it was an existing condition but also will I be able to obtain cover at all? I've heard of people being charged astronomical amounts as soon as the word cancer is mentioned.


Travel without Insurance?

Hi, I'm 15 yrs in, 6 with secondaries, 2 on chemotherapy tablets. Disease stable. 3 questions.

1. has anyone ever travelled abroad with no insurance? Possible?

2. Has anyone travelled to Europe and been given insurance whilst on chemo tabs?

3. Has anyone managed to get insurance but with a policy that excludes existing illness. I.e., covered for all but cancer?

After hrs trawling, phoning companies and getting knocked back, the only quote I got was for 1 wk in Maderia,  £1000 for the policy (just bc, not covid!). I'm so depressed about this. Travel is my thing.

Thanks, Irene