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Re: Unsurvivors.

Hi Walsh, big congrats on super news. I’m also on 75 mcgms Palbociclib and doing well. Two years of treatment and holding. The first six months were pretty awful and I was hospitalised monthly until the dosage and rest periods were sorted . Thanks for the research that has helped us so much. Onwards and upwards, happy 🐰! X



Hi all

I hope I am seeing things right but I am sure that the name The Unsurvivors has been dropped on the campaign petition.

If this is the cause I thank Breast Care now for changing this awful Heading.it really hurt a lot of ladies on this forum.

I hope I am right.

Had good news today I have eight liver metastasis and the largest has shrunk again was 30mm is now 15mm the rest are also shrinking,pelvis,hips,and spine are stable.I am on 75mg Pablociclib and Letrozole three monthly Zometa.I started on 125mg Pablociclib in April but had to be reduced at different stages to 75mg pablo As white cells dropping to much.So I am a happy bunny today.xxxxx