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secondary breast cancer spread to liver, then had liver resection, been told its a cure for cancer ?


Re: secondary breast cancer spread to liver, then had liver resection, been told its a cure for canc

Hi there,

I just wanted to reassure you (and others) that living with Secondary Breast Cancer does not mean you are dying!! It might not be ‘curable’ you might be on treatment forever, but this does not mean you are dying. Diabetics are on treatment for life and without their medications they would die! It does not mean they are dying.... 

Obviously, I don’t fully know the details of your situation, but having done my own research, if the cancer has spread from the original site (the breast) to other parts of the body then you are considered ‘stage 4’ and incurable. Even if you’ve had surgery and medications are working brilliantly and no evidence of disease is detected... you will still be stage 4 and incurable...  the cat is out of the bag so to speak! 

The oncologist is correct in saying they are not God. Lots of women on here have far surpassed any ‘statistics’. There are lots of new drugs out there and the doctors do not know how well you will respond to them or how long they will work for! 

It really sounds as though you need to talk to someone about your worries/ concerns as you seem very confused and stressed! Do you have a breast cancer or Macmillan nurse? 

Take good care of yourself and I hope you get the right support and answers you need xxx


Re: secondary breast cancer spread to liver, then had liver resection, been told its a cure for canc

I am still getting confusing information 

I advised the oncologist what I had been informed from the Hospital and Cancer research as cancer research advised me that my liver operation was a virtual cure but it is not documented and you will not find it in any journals. the hospital surgeon advised me that he would not had done the operation if he did not think it would give me a chance and said he is not god and cannot tell me how long I have to live 

my oncologist said that she can tell me that I am not dying and said that the medication I am on I will be on it until it stops working. 

I am not getting straight answers and left confused with it all 

as far as I know I am on continuous chemotherapy with three weeks on and one week off  

I am having constant scans and tests each month and so far I am still cancer free 

I was told last May that I had secondary breast cancer that spread to my liver and the cancer matastatasis and without treatment I would have weeks or months to live and with chemotherapy I could have 2 years to live and when I asked them what is the longest that they have known anyone to live with my type of cancer they said 4 years. 

and now I am told by oncologist I am not dying now and cancer research said it is a cure and the operation I had has cured me and surgeon said 5 years.

I no longer sleep and only getting to sleep when I go unconscious 

I am so confused as I am being told by oncologist that I have a terminal condition but not dying ?

and I am being told by surgeon that statistically I have 5 years but he does not know how long I have to live as he is not God.

then being told by cancer research that the operation I had to remove the cancer from my liver is a cure and I am on treatment in case there is any other cancer cells floating round my body which they cannot see 

I am not getting straight answers and my oncologist Just keeps telling me I am not dying. 

I am sorry going on about myself when there is so many of us going through hell.   

I suffer with learning difficulties and all this adds to my confusion as I truly do not under stand.

I apologise to all for rambling on about myself and wish you all health and happiness.   Love to all x

Community Champion

Re: secondary breast cancer spread to liver, then had liver resection, been told its a cure for canc

Hi Kelliebear,

Sorry to hear you are struggling with the after effects of your op, it is a big op I understand I hope they improve quickly for you. 

you seem to have been given an awful lot of at times conflicting and confusing information from a number of people, I hope your meeting with the oncologist provides clarity. You might want to prepare a list of questions. Best of luck, let us know how you get on please?

Ruby xx


secondary breast cancer spread to liver, then had liver resection, been told its a cure for cancer ?

before I had liver operation I was advised the treatment was working and my cancer had shrunk from 5cm to 3.1cm the surgeon advised that he has known people to still be here 10 years later without cancer coming back but said he is not god and could not say how long I would have to live but this operation would give me the best chance.

I was then taken into another room where I had to sign for cancer research to take my cancer after the operation  and the cancer research lady said the operation I was about to have is a virtual cure.

I was shocked with what she had said as I was advised by my oncologist that I had probably 2 years to live and the longest they have known anyone to live with my type of cancer was 4 years and now I was being told that this is a cure. 

I asked was she sure and was told that it is not documented and I would not find it in any journals but it is a virtual cure not for everyone but this is the best thing out there for a cure  and said again this is a cure.


I could not believe what I was hearing. I had the operation on 15th Sep 2020 and still recovering and in a bad way in a lot of pain and discomfort and coldness throughout my body and my fingertips are ice cold 


after the operation whilst I was still in hospital the surgeon come to see me as I was in a bad way after the operation and said he was very pleased with the way the operation went and he said statically I would have a better chance now and statically 5 years now to live.

I was left confused with this as was advised that the operation would be a cure and now being told that I may have a bit longer to live and may live 5 years instead of two years but what happened to the cure

I was told. when I got released from hospital a week later I spoke to my oncologist who was shocked to learn that the hospital stopped all my treatment 3 weeks prior to operation and when I told her what cancer researched said about the operation being a cure. I could tell by the way she acted and sounded that this was not the case.

the oncologist said she has been chasing the hospital each day to get the staging of the cancer that was removed. 

this confused me even more as knew I had stage 4 cancer that had been removed and now I am told they need to find the staging of the cancer itself and then they would contact me regarding this

and now I have received a letter advising that the oncologist want to see me in the hospital next week to talk to me to discuss.

I am left again shaken and scared and very confused with it all. has anyone else had a liver resection ? any advise would be very much appreciated as i am very confused and scared.