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Lump or lymphodema


Re: Lump or lymphodema

Hi, I had a lumpectomy and developed a large area of fibrous tissue along my scar. Lymphoedema nurse kept an eye on it for me and referred me back to the surgeon eventually. Iwould say if this lump is new then you should get it checked by the surgeons. Best wishes. 

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Re: Lump or lymphodema

Hi Loola1208

My understanding of Lymphoedema is that it's a build up of fluid...I've never hear anyone mention lumps at all! 

I have it too...

I wonder if it's scar tissue or fibrous tissue! 

You should ring your Breast Care Nurse to check...or I have a Lymphoedema Nurse - have you been referred to the lymphoedema team?

There's always the Ask a Nurse section on this forum too!


Hopefully you'll have some reassurance soon x 



Lump or lymphodema

Hi all 

i started lymphodema in my affected breast a while ago but have noticed a smooth lump where my tumour was. Can the lymphodema cause this? I had a ct and pet scan a couple of weeks ago checking for bone metastasis thankfully negative but surely this would have picked it up. Any thoughts?