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Really, really struggling.


Re: Really, really struggling.

Hi Ann, thanks for the reply and there's really no need to apologise. 


You're so right, it is hard waiting for results,  but so much worse when you get told that there's something going on and then you're  left as you say in limbo. 


My lovely wife is in pieces as this looks like secondary cancer so it's so much worse than previously. It's also strange hoping that it's just a 'normal' cancer. It's strange how your outlook can change. 



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Re: Really, really struggling.

Hi Ray,

So sorry to hear what you’re both going through at the moment. As ever, it’s not knowing & being in that horrible limbo land when waiting for results, which is so hard to deal with. Once you both know what the plan is, hopefully it will feel better, it usually does. 

Sorry to not be more use, however, you do sound wonderfully supportive of her & doing all that you can. 

Sending you both my very best wishes. 

ann x



Really, really struggling.

My wife was diagnosed with her2 + Oct 18 and during the last week of chemo was diagnosed with non secondary kidney cancer. 


She's now on herceptin until December and has had a partial nephrectomy which she's recovering from. 


She's now been referred to the Marsden by her dentist as she had a sore under her bottom teeth and shadows show on the x-ray. Also, after a full body bone scan due to pain in her back and hip she called her oncologists secretary who said 'there's something showing on the scans' but didn't know what they were. 


She's now been sent an appointment for this Tuesday (3 weeks early) and we're both frantic with worry as clearly the oncologist would have said if there was nothing to worry about. The dentist referral is also due on Wednesday and given the referral to the Marsden it doesn't look great for her. 


She's been through so much, including a mini stroke in March and it's breaking my heart to see her in such a state. I'm normally trying to reassure her after she's consulted Dr Google but I simply can't given what's happened and I just don't know what to do other than loads of cuddles. 


I'm sorry this post is so long and any advice would be truly appreciated.