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Same sex partner of woman with breast cancer - advice sought

Community Manager

Re: Same sex partner of woman with breast cancer - advice sought

Hi Linzini,

Thank you for posting. We're sorry to read about your partner's diagnosis. 

If you would like further information about her diagnosis, treatment, or just need a listening ear, you can call our specialist nurses for support on 0808 800 6000. They are available between 9am-4pm Mondays to Friday and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. 

Sending you our best wishes,




Same sex partner of woman with breast cancer - advice sought


My partner of nearly 30 years has recently been diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer.  We are awaiting further MRI tests to accurately determine size, whether there are other tumours and to get an idea as to whether it has gone to the lymph nodes.   She has a close family history of BC so this is not a total surprise to either of us, but it is a big shock as we were told that at her age she was on the normal statistical curve for risk.     


I am finding it hard to get information aimed at lesbian couples - so not so much the practical and medical stuff, I think that is the same whatever gender, but on the psychological and relationship side of things.  We are talking and sharing OK so far, although I think we are both trying to be reasonably strong for the other.  I would be very grateful to talk with other same sex partners in this situation, in particular about how to best support my partner through this, and also how to get my head around the idea of a double mastectomy, which is what my partner wants.  I absolutely do not want to stand in her way if the consultant agrees it is a sensible way forward, but I am a little surprised how emotional I feel about it given I can totally see her logic.

Thanks in advance for any responses.