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1 chemo left


Re: 1 chemo left

Hi Christine, I was Dx last year in February, I was 53 then, I had 6 chemos then Mx and then 15 rads, still on Herceptin and Letrozole, It's a scary time for you at the moment but it does get better, The Mx and full node clearance was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting and the Rads were a breeze next to chemo ! It's 4 months since active treatment finished and I feel fairly well, still a little tired but life is getting back to normal.
I live over the big hill in Lancashire by the way !!
Good luck on Friday !

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1 chemo left

Hi everyone..Im 53,Got diagnosed in Oct 2011 with a 6cm ER+ grade 2, lymph node involement breast cancer. On my 6th of 6th chemos this friday, then MX and Node Clearence then Rads and tamoxifen. Then hopefully I get my life back!

Feeling nervous about the operation and sick of feeling so tired and not well.. is this normal?

Just wanting to chat to other ladies going through this nightmare and to get some positive responses really.. Are there any ladies in North Yorkshire that would like to meet and talk?

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