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1 year on


Re: 1 year on

Sans61 and GB I too know exactly how you feel.  I was diagnised on the 31st December 2013.  I am due to have the first mammogram in Jan 15 on my one boob after treatment. 


I did find a lump in my left breast, which was the cancer, had a mastectomy in January.  I did not need Chemo or Radiation treatment, so I was lucky in that sense !!


Still feel apprehensive about the mammogram and also worried that the cancer could strike again.  Most days are good, some days I seem to dwell on the worry.


Hoping that we all have a good result from the test and A Happy 2015.



Re: 1 year on

Have a great Xmas and happy new year xx

Re: 1 year on

Sans61, I know just how you feel!  My first mammogram is due on 14th Jan and I'm already checking myself and trying not to worry that there might be something there, even though I too had no lump in the first place! I guess we've lost our confidence in knowing what our body is up to and I'm so looking forward to (hopefully) getting an 'official' confirmation that there's nothing there. As Jenji says, I guess we're just normal to feel so nervous. Good that you'll get this all sorted before Xmas, do let us know how you get on. Gx


Re: 1 year on

Hi there

I remember what all that feels like...I went through my first check up in July/August and it really messed with my head!  It was really difficult to keep a sensible head on as I too did not have a lump when I went for the one that showed the cancer.  I was astonished how I felt so scared before the first follow-up mammogram and check but reading on here it seems it is pretty normal.

It must feel like a long time 'til the 22nd but I hope you can get through it one day at a time and that all is well.

Fingers crossed

Take care



1 year on

Well the time is nearly here for first check up, 22nd December 9am fingers crossed all will be okay im starting to think about it every day struggling to sleep, checking myself everyday even though i never had a lump when my DX was made strange what the dreaded C can make you do i used to be so laid back i was horizontal  on the one hand i want the mammogram today on the other i don't want it at ALL. I have a lump where i have had WLE but think this is normal!!!! the good thing is i get results on the same day so hopefully will have a fab Christmas with my wonderful family. My consultant has send there's a 5% chance of it returning so the odds are good but still feeling scared :{


sending best wishes and a wonderful peaceful Christmas to all who on this site which has been a life saver to me during my DX and treatment 

thank you all xxxx