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11 years on Arimidex


Re: 11 years on Arimidex

Not heard of Arimidex or a course of 11years

Was there no alternative?

Glad you are out of it.

Can't wait to come off Letrozole in 3 yrs



Re: 11 years on Arimidex

OMG! You're just the person I've been searching for LancsLass! I was desperate to find out whether I could expect any return of my libido and the return of any feeling 'down there', other than pain, when I stop taking Anastrozole in Feb next year. The loss of my sexual desire and feelings has been perhaps the most upsetting thing through all this. I was desperately hoping there was someone out there whose libido had returned after the medication was stopped - and now you have given me hope. Thank you LancsLass 😄

Re: 11 years on Arimidex

So happy for you and let it continue!!!!Wishing you many romantic times with your partner big hugs debs xx

11 years on Arimidex

Hi everyone, this forum was a lifeline to me 12 years ago when I found that I had multifocal bc. 


I have been on Arimidex for 11 years, my oncologist suggested that I come off it after 10 but I was too frightened even though I was starting to suffer real side effects of the meds.  One of those effects was a total lack of desire in anything sexual, I also had my ovaries removed so that didnt help with the dryness that I suffered.  I had virtually no interets in sex and really wanted to be on my own. 


I have gone through all the emotions of that, feeling guilty, jealous of others who seem to be in a 'happy' sexual relationship, angry, I convinced myself that not haviing sex maybe was just how it was, my partner and I just managed to struggle through this but I dont know how.


Three weeks ago I missed my Arimidex for the first time ever, I had run out and due to this I slowly thought about coming off it it has now been over three weeks.


I just wanted to mention to others that for the first time in forever I have started to get some feelings back with regard to sex, its like a cloud is slowly lifting, Im hoping it will get even better.  x