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1st surgery not enough, back for mastectomy


Re: 1st surgery not enough, back for mastectomy

Thanks Sarah, I think the biggest knock was that 16 nodes showed positive which was the shock.

I'm 33 but hoping tomorrow that my obstetrician feels baby is in a good place as my consultant for my mastectomy has said he would be happy to do the 2 surgeries in one go so I can start treatment
Before the end of December...

In life I'm a bit of a control freak and it's the not knowing what's happening next...I'm not an overly organised person but I thrive on work and currently am continuing to work as I find it keeps my mind busy.

Re: 1st surgery not enough, back for mastectomy

Hi Stef

That must have been a lot to take in. I had full mastectomy as I had several small areas of invasion, the largest being 8mm and because I only have small boobs they said it would be a mastectomy. Like you I wasn't overly concerned at losing my boob. I just wanted the cancer out.
I had 1 lymph node affected and went on to have full node clearance. The others were all clear.
I have now just finished chemo but won't be having radio. Like you I am also Er positive so start Tamoxifen next week. Plus further surgery in the New Year to pop an implant in. I am also awaiting results of the genetic test as strong family history of cancer. But that's a bridge to cross if and when !
So different treatment plan to you in some ways but I just wanted to say hi really. The mastectomy wasn't as bad as I feared and I have worked through chemo apart from the first week albeit part time. It is scary facing all this and must be more so when you're pregnant. BUT it is doable and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm 39 so maybe slightly older than you?
If you need to chat, ask questions please do post on here as someone will have gone through it be going through similar things
Sarah xx

1st surgery not enough, back for mastectomy

Had WLE last Thursday 10th with full node clearance...surgery was daunting but was glad to get it done...

Today was result day...

Initial tests had shown approx 2cm lump but pathology report has shown closer to 4cm and of 19 nodes removed 16 are showing cancerous. It's a lot to take in...I know from reading that the more nodes to worse the prognosis. I'm putting a brace face on it all.
Margins are not clear so back next Thursday 1st for mastectomy on right breast. I know my mother doesn't believe me but I'm really not bothered about losing my breast...I feel like whatever treatment is best is what they should do.

At the moment because I am 8 months pregnant they can't do full analysis on whether the cancer has spread any further but they estimate stage 2 ER positive. So mastectomy and baby hopefully together...recouperate...chemo....radio...hormone tablets...

Anyone else facing similar treatment?