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2 questions


Re: 2 questions

I finished chemo in February and used the herbatint hair colour from holland and barret about 4 weeks later as it came back through sooooo grey! It was fine but I made sure to do a strand and skin test first. I think after 6 months you can start using the normal hair colours but am happy with the results of the natural one so will prob continue to use it as it is supposed to be kinder to the hair!
hope that reassures!


Re: 2 questions

I had the low dose oestrogen pessaries for a year. The specialist who recommended them said they only contain about a tenth of the daily dose you would get from HRT and you only use them once or twice a week. I was advised to stop and start with them and to have a break ever so often for a few weeks.

Unfortunately I had to stop using them altogether as I experienced a post menopausal bleed, which requires referral to a gynaecologist - a shame as they sorted out my lack of libido, so I'm now back to square one. Not funny to be only 49, married for nearly 25 years and having no sex.


Re: 2 questions

i was also told about 6 months however when the breast buddies went to centre park in january SharonF gave me blond highlights even though it was only 2 months from my last chemo... and it didnt turn green or fall out LOL.

since then its been dyed to within an inch of its life.

i think the idea that they ask you to hold off is that your scalp can still be a bit sensitive following chemo.... takes 6 months for some peoples hair to grow back... so they dont want you to damage your hair growth or scalp.... although i have heard others speculate that dying your hair could go through the pores in your head.... but not sure if thats true seeing as it doesnt go through your pores before you had chemo.

as for the oestrogen im quite surprised your onc would prescribe oestrogen for your symptoms although perhaps you had triple negative cancer especially if your brca 1 as its a bit more common in people with gene changes. although many oncs wouldnt prescribe it at all even for triple negative cancers... vagifem is the most common oestrogen treatment.... i think many women who have had BC at your age on here have been told never to get pregnant there is so much differing of opinion on it that it would be quite difficult to say whats best....

perhaps you can ask your onc to provide some research papers for you to have a look at... they can be heavy going but usually they have a summary of some sort to tell you what the findings were.... i think if you were to go down the clomid route that it would be best to speak to a fertility doctor first as they are dealing with it every day and because of their involvement in pre-chemo egg harvesting they would be aware of the implications in breast cancer patients.

its usually recommended not to get pregnant for 2 years following treatment as a recurrence would be most likely within that time... but there is no evidence that getting pregnant before then is dangerous.... if you are taking tamoxifen you need to stop it before getting pregnant too they usually recommend about 3 months beforehand, but you can go back on it after you have the baby so you complete the full 5 years.

at 31 you have a higher chance that your periods will come back following treatment.... you havent long finished chemo so it will probably take a few more months yet before anything happens so personally speaking i wouldnt be rushing into anything just yet.


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Re: 2 questions

Hi, can answer the first of your question about hair colouring. My hair started to grow back in December last year and i asked the consultant when i would be able to dye my hair. She told me to wait at least 6 months. So i waited the 6 months and have dyed my hair with a permanent hair dye and have had no problems. There are natural hair dyes that you can buy from health shops but not sure how good they are.

Sorry i can't help with your second question as my period has only stopped 2 months ago.

Hope this has helps.

Lai x

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2 questions

I was diagnosed with BC this past January; BRAC1, HER2neg. I've only had to endure 3mths Chemotherapy (Cytoxan/Taxotere cocktail) following a bilateral mastectomy.
Yay! My last treatment was June 21st; I've had great success with hair re-growth (13mm). I was curious if anyone knows about lightening hair after chemo. I have my natural yuckie ashy brown/blonde color and wanted to go for a 'Sharon Stone' look by lightening my hair color. I don't want to damage to the point that it falls out... please help!
I was also concerned with my ovarian function returning... I just turned 31 and dealing with menopause symptoms has been unbearable. My oncologist has given me a low dose estrogen to stop the hot flashes and dryness. But told me about Clomid; a pill to 're-start' ovaries; I've researched endlessly and haven't been able to find info on it pertaining to post-chemotherapy patients. I'm not trying to get pregnant I just want to go back to "normal" as soon as possible. I know that due to me being BRAC1 positive I will eventually have to get my ovaries removed. It would just be nice to have my ovarian function back. (Who ever would've thought I'd ever say I want my period back- lol.)
Any ideas?