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2 years on What to do now ?


Re: 2 years on What to do now ?

Hi Lisa, I've nearly got to 2 years! Have had two appointments with plastic surgeon, and have decided to go for reconstruction - with tummy tuck. Scary decision, and now just waiting for the date. Haven't the heart to tell work yet, as I was off for so long during my treatment because of all the complications. I'm in my mid 40s I don't want to look back when I'm in my 50s and think why didn't I do it earlier. I spoke to a friend of a friend who went through the same op with the same surgeon, and it was good to hear all about it. She said it's not an easy op, and recovery is a bit slow, but she's never regretted it. Surgeon hinted that because of new funding regime, there may be restrictions in future, at which point I burst into tears. It was on the day that there was an announcement about NHS cuts, and I haven't heard that reconstructions are under threat since then.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Alice xxx

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Re: 2 years on What to do now ?

I had an immediate reconstruction and am very pleased with the result. I am glad I had it done and feel it has helped me feel more positive about myself and less self conscious. Planning to have another one done in May and the same reconstruction.
At the end of the day it might look like a breast but obviously doesn't feel like one and this will take some getting used to.
Good luck with your decision.

2 years on What to do now ?

Just checking in cant believe it will be 2 years on in march ....

Mastectomy chemo radiotherapy ...Life is just starting to get back to normal. If it will ever be that again.....

And because Im a big lady being lop sided is tacking its toll,
Saw plastic surgeon that was very keen to give my the Rolls Royce of reconstruction .....

Not sure I could but myself or my family through it just yet as Im only just becoming better ,,,,

But if I put it off now will I never do it .....
Advise welcome thanks
Lisa 41 year old mother of two ...