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25 and awaiting biopsy


Re: 25 and awaiting biopsy

Yes im in a similar except that im a man
Firstly I was told a week and I would have to go in for the result then they said they would ring me ?

Re: 25 and awaiting biopsy

Hi Ann,

Thank you for the positivity.

Very anxious. 
Just hope these three weeks go fast.
Dreading bad news.

Re: 25 and awaiting biopsy

Hi AnneA

Certainly others here have had a similar experience & it's good they are being thorough in making sure the lump is properly examined. The clinic will always want to get to the bottom of what it is, to be sure. It doesn't help the anxiety though!

It would be rare for it to anything serious at your age & they have, as you say, not designated it high risk. 

Whilst waiting, it can help to carry on as normal, keep yourself distracted & avoid the temptation to Google as it only tends to feed anxiety for no good reason.

Chances are, it is what they're saying it is & let us know how you get on if you want to. 

ann x

25 and awaiting biopsy

So I've had an horrendous day at the breast clinic.

Originally went to gp a with a lump, when I was referred to the clinic they wouldn't scan due to age, symptoms etc.

Got my appointment for the clinic. Went today, clinical exam came back as suspected cyst but would do ultrasound to be sure.
Went for ultrasound where the radiologist said possible fibroadenoma but had some weird areas so decided to do a core needle biopsy.
Saw the doctor who did the initial clinical exam who said it was more than likely a fibroadenoma and that my results may take a white as I'm not a high risk case.

So now I have to wait 3 weeks for the results and I'm pretrifed.

Does any one have a similar experience?