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2nd time around


Re: 2nd time around

Gingerkey, if your breast clinic has any breast care nurses they can help with things like benefit forms. I would also advise you to contact Macmillan Cancer as they are excellent and have benefits advisors. I wasn't entitled to Incapacity Benefit or DLA when I was diagnosed 5 years ago. However when I contacted Macmillan and told them my husband had just started a small business 6 weeks before, they helped us apply for Working Tax Credit. The DWP didn't tell us we could get this help so we missed out on 8 months worth of payments. With Macmillan's help we got £96 a week, a lifesaver as we were living on savings and being very frugal.

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2nd time around

i had breast cancer 12 years ago treated with op and radiation. recently been diagnosed with cancer again in the same breast and now need a mascetomy. i am now 70 and due for my operation next week. i am entitled to any benefits or help to costs of bras and prosthetics even though your 1st is free. any other benefits available