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30 somethings in swindon?


Re: 30 somethings in swindon?

Thank you Helenax
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Re: 30 somethings in swindon?



Hello and welcome to the forum.  It might be worth you also posting on the going through treatment, chemotherapy thread, there is a monthly thread on there and perhaps connect with someone in the same area and age group as you as well as getting support and help from the wonderful ladies on there.


I have put the link below:




When you have a date for your rads there is a similar monthly thread on the Radiotherapy section in Going Through treatment, where you will find ladies who are continuing their treatment in that month and others who are just about to start.



Helena xx



30 somethings in swindon?

I was wondering if there are any ladies here living in or near swindon that are in their 30s and been through or going through chemotherapy for primary breast cancer?

Everyone In my family and friends have been so supportive and keep telling Me im doing so well, am strong etc but i am finding my anxiety and stress levels with bottling it up are increasing. The fear of it not working or coming back keeps creaping in and i am finding it hard to not be able to talk with people who are perhaps same age as me or going through it

I am on my 4th chemotherapy treatment with two left and will then have radiotherapy and take tamioxifen. Would be great to chat with others