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4 weeks after op

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Re: 4 weeks after op

Hello and welcome to the forum,


I just had a lumpectomy so not really in a position to help you with your physical recovery. However, it seems to me that you are emotionally and mentally feeling a bit bruised - Mother of the Bride and all that goes with that!


The psychological aspects of all of this need addressing just as much as the physical so you need to acknowledge that you have had some bad news and some serious surgery. So take a few minutes out of every day to ponder on that BUT don't dwell on it! Try to put it behind you and look forward to the big day.


We all handle this in our own way - some people want to dwell and linger in a dark place and others seem to want to gloss over it all and hurry back to life before breast cancer. For me a middle of the road approach was the best. I did not try and pretend that it did not make any difference but nor did I linger on morbid thoughts. I told myself that I had received some pretty devastating news and allowed myself time to grieve and come to terms with that AND THEN I moved on to thinking how lucky I was that it was found and treated and that I was on the road to recovery. You need to allow yourself a period of convalesence.


Make sure that you have a healthy diet and get plenty of rest - then you know you are doing your bit to aid your recuparation.


Re: 4 weeks after op

Hi ,I am 4 weeks post op as well ,mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with implant ,I have started to drive ( only short journeys) but I feel I have my freedom back !! I have a dog and love taking her different places so being able to drive again was a big thing for me ,I felt my energy dipped in the afternoons ,my bcn told me before op to make sure I had an afternoon nap which really helped ,I think now I'm back out walking I don't seem to get so tired ,hopefully you will find it will improve but I think we just have to be kind to ourselves,we have been through a lot ,physically and emotionally ! 


4 weeks after op

Hello, I am just joining today. I had a mastectomy 4 weeks ago, awaiting results of oncotype dx. I have been very fortunate with with the support I have received from family and friends. My daughter gets married in just over 2 weeks and I am feeling anxious about her day. I have a soft comfy in my bra - I have a temporary implant as I felt this was my best option to be as well as I can for the big day. I still get this fatigue/tiredness suddenly come over me, can anyone tell me how long this lasts for? Thank you 😊