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5 years on


Re: 5 years on

What a lovely, warm poem, Footloose.

Thank you.


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5 years on

If you can smile when you see the sun,
If you can laugh, and walk and run,
If you can touch your Grandchilds nose,
And breathe in deep the scent of a rose,
If you can be in a loved ones arms,
Not a man or lover, but a friend who's warm,
Then you will know this gift called LIFE
Which quickly runs, sometimes in strife
If you have known a fear so true
That means, that I already know you.
For we have faced the dreaded C,
And we returned and now can be
No longer of our life to fear,
To live each precious coming year
Each time you wake, your blessing give
Be grateful too that NOW you live! Footloose Oct.2010