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5yrs this month too!


Re: 5yrs this month too!

Hi,fudge,you go girl ! That's fantastic and I'll raise a glass to another 5. Thanks for sharing your news.
Take care & huge hugs,Helen xxxxxxx

Re: 5yrs this month too!

Hi!  Just read your post and its given me a real lift! I was only dx 6 wks ago with lung mets...only 2 but sizeable (5cm and 2.5cm).  Ive heard of TDM1 but is it available for all SBC?  Mine apparently is weakly positive.

I would love to think I will go on for at least another 5 years hopefully 10 or more. I do have good days where I try to be positive and reading inspiring posts here helps a lot and makes me believe I could be one of these ladies.....but I do have panic attacks now and again where I fear I wont see my daughter married and having children. She has just bought a house near us with her boyfriend.

I too am a young 57 yr old always looked after myself, never smoked and eats healthily.  Only drink a glass of wine at weekends  and kept my weight down.

 Life is so unfair.

Keep posting good news...!

Love and hugs ♥

Bev xxx


Re: 5yrs this month too!

I will raise a glass or two to that. Love hearing from you.
Hope you dont mind me asking did you have your recon after SBC dx. I am due to have my consultation soon about a future recon but I am just not sure but I know it would give me my body confidence back.xx

5yrs this month too!

Hi All


It's five years since dx with IBC plus probable met to liver. Went into remission for two years. Then a bulky head of pancreas showed on CT scan three years ago in August. Had Vinerolbine etc on a Trial weekly, came off due to side effects,it shrunk but after 12 months started to grow again so onto Xeloda, Pertuzumab and Herceptin PHEREXA trial, stopped working in Jan.  Now on TDM1 and have great hopes for it. With all this no symptoms at all! feeling well and very active!  I lead a more or less normal life.  I just want it to shrink/stablise now so I can have a bit of tweaking with my recon and other boob to even me up a little,  Then I'll be able attack the next 5yrs with even more confidence!!    I'm sure I'll have other treatments in the future but as more and more targeted treatments are being developed  more and more people are living long term, I'll raise a glass of Merlot and say here's to me celebrating 10yrs!!!