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7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm


Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi Nicki,

I had chemo before my mastectomy and then had radiotherapy after the opp having  being given the all clear.  I think it is a case of belts and braces, better to be safe than sorry.

Hope that helps xxx

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi shomolad thank so much for reaching out and to everyone else.
Firstly I've been given the all clear. I haven't had my reconstruction yet as they said I still need chemotherapy for 18 weeks? How come I have to have that when they have said you don't? Sorry I question everything that feels uncomfortable. I really don't want to go through this chemo. How ever they said it's important as a mop up just in case anything did get out of the tumour in my breast.
Can anyone please please say if you've been given the all clear but still had to have chemo aftet as a precaution?? Also they have said I won't need radio therapy but I will have to go on a hormone replacement drug for the rest of my life. Has anyone else had this? Thanks xxx

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Anniewol i just wanted to say about the Letrozole,i managed it for 20 days and then stopped as it was making me so poorly. It made me feel so tired,plus the hot flushes and a burning sensation under my skin.I also had the feeling of ants running around under my skin which can happend to some people. I also couldnt tolerate Tamoxifen.

I took advice from my oncologist and he explained the statistics to me and the chances of the cancer returning so i have decided to take nothing and have a better quality of life. The hot flushes are still really troublesome but ive been having reflexology for them.Give that a go.

We are all individuals and i have to hope i have made the right decision for me.Its taken a while but things are starting to settle down again and im 7 months on from rads.

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Anniewol, I'm the same - still uncomfortable wearing a bra whether it's my proper prosthesis or knitted knocker. I had my Mx in May.


I'm an F cup so look VERY odd if I go lopsided. What I've done is sew a softie onto the outside of a loose fitting vest top which I wear under a jumper. Not really good enough for work but fine for popping to the shops or when I'm at home and someone comes to the door. But it doesn't rub my scar, which is the main thing!

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Thanks Riversidedawn, I did get one from knitted knockers but it was a knitted one so will certainly try the soft cotton one.  The one the hospital give you is okay as well at the moment it is that it is more uncomfortable with a bra as it tends to rub the scar under my arm.  Must stop whinging at least here to have the soreness which I am sure will go in time.  Good luck to everyone

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Anniewol, if your prosthesis is uncomfortable have you tried knittedknockers.com? They make lovely soft cotton ones to order.

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi  I had a mx in May and no reconstruction.  I have been doing the exercises 2 or 3 times a day and have also started to play golf again, have plenty of movement but it is still sore and tight.  Also uncomfortable wearing a bra and the prothesis so most of the time I don't bother, I have adopted the attitude that is people want to look at me and think I am lopsided so be it - being comfortable is more important. I wear baggy patterned tops so it doesn't show so much. I am struggling more with the side effects of the Letrozole tablets I am on especially with the hot flushes and night sweats - end up feeling like I have just got out of the shower and also the aching joints - I am hopeful that these symptons will plateau and not continue to get worse - has any one any experience of this?

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi all. I had left mx with immediate recon sept 14. I did the exercises religiously and returned to yoga 4-5 times a week 3 weeks post op. I've always had pretty good arm movement although did suffer with cording and have had physio to resolve this.

I've subsequently had 2 further ops, one to remove infected implant at Christmas, then replacement in may and 21 rads in July.

I've kept up the exercise but over the last month my left arm and breast feel heavy and tight which onc says is rads effect. No lymphodema.

I have been sleeping on my front for some time. After the ops I was propped up on pillows for several weeks, but gradually it got easier. The used to lie on my side with a pillow supporting my left arm and breast.

Keep doing the exercises. I also got back to swimming, combat and horse riding post chemo so it definitely works to keep active!

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi All, thanks for your replies, it's encouraging to know it's not just me! In answer to you justju, I'm on tamoxifen for 5 years and doing ok with that, very few side effects so far! Been better this week, when I thought about it I realised I'd lifted a heavy box at work several times and that might be what triggered the extra aches! I still wear soft bras , non under wired as I find that more comfortable, but I am now able to sleep on my left side(I had left mx) though it was a long time before I was able to do that. My diagnosis was also around Xmas and I'm dreading my yearly mammogram at the same time this year! Guess we'll all get there in the end, just have to be patient as you say! Xx

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Sorry Nic stupid tablet predicts words didn't mean to put Nicholas

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi Nicholas

I was diagnosed with DCIS in Feb and had mastectomy and reconstruction in April. Same here tissue and nodes test clear so no need for Chemo or Radio.

I still feel stiff with a sometime achy feeling I'm the underarm and down the arm and wondered if this ever got better. Also have twinges in the affected breast will this also ever get better?

About 5 weeks ago I overstretched and my back area (ribs) was so tender after then 10 days later the soreness moved around to my breast area which prompted a visit to my GP.  Have you experienced anything like this or has anyone else?

I also still cannot sleep on either side so have to sleep on my back but slightly propped up.  Is this normal and will it get any better as a result of sleeping like this I don't get a quality sleep through feeling constantly uncomfortable.

Underwear is also still an issue as I can bear anything being remotely restricted on my affected area. I tend to wear camisole tops with hidden support which aren't always the best under certain clothes

Apologies if this seems like one long moan I seemed to have turned into a whinging moaner and just want to feel like I did 6 months ago.

Any hints tips or advice will be greatly appreciated xx

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in both of them last xmas eve,great xmas present.

Anyway had surgery on both of them and then radiotherapy.

I still have pain and discomfort on the left side in particular.Try massaging everyday three times a day also helps reduce any swelling.

I have seen the oncologist only this week and he has said the effects of radiotherapy take between 6 to 12 months to settle down.

Your not alone even though you didnt have rads,it does get better as i have a friend and she is doing great after a ,masectomy.We just need to be patient.

I have deceided not to take any of the drugs as my body cant tolerate them.

Are you taking any??

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

What is cross fit? X

Re: 7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

I had double mastescomy in January 2014 followed with breast reconstruction in September 2014.  They tested lymphy nodes in both arm pits during the double mastecomy.  I decided to start Crossfit in July 2015 since I lost so much strength and mobility.  My crossfit is modified for me.  I do what exercises I can at my pace.  But I have noticed an increase in my mobility. It has been a good thing for me both physically and mentally.  Not saying that crossfit is for everyone but getting daily exercise has made a HUGE difference in my life and outlook on the future.

7 months on and still stiff and tight under arm

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with DCIS in January, mx end of Feb with reconstruction using mesh and implant, SNB was clear so no chemo or radio but they did find a small invasive tumour so I'm on tamoxifen for 5 years. I have recovered very well, been back at work since end of April, back to exercise etc but this last week I seem to have had more stiffness under the arm and twinges in the foob than I've had for a while. I haven't been religiously doing the exercises they gave us post op recently as I thought there was no need to continue but I'm thinking perhaps I should have done. How have others got on in terms of recovery ? Does this stiffness and soreness and weakness of chest muscles ever go away? I'm beginning to suspect it doesn't despite my surgeon telling me I'll get back to how I was in terms of strength eventually. Not sure I believe him! I'd appreciate knowing how others have got on 6 months plus post op. Thanks Nic x