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7 months pregnant, just diagnosed


Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Wow Stephen you and your little boy have been through tough times, keep fight girl you will get through this you seem such a strong person and I hope everything goes well for you and your family xx
As everyone on here has said BC is the most treatable of them all all your team will be looking after you well, I hope everyone is supporting you so you don't have extra worries about housework shopping etc let people do things for you when offered x look after yourself and pleased your little boy is fine now x
Michele x

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

What a lady and boy, an amazing fighter just like what you and us are going to do!! Of course you will see your children grow up! BC is one of the most treatable Cs!
Just make sure you get plenty of assistance with the children and housework so you have time to rest yourself as all this is just in itself is emotionally and mentally draining.

And yes, you have a lovely family to keep you occupied and another little delight on the way.xxx

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Shep, I had my surgery on the 1 December, they delivered my little boy the day before. He took a very bad turn during my mastectomy surgery and things were touch and go for him, when I cane out of recovery the doctors were fighting to revive him. He had a collapsed lung and sepsis. Fortunately he is a little fighter and couldn't be stronger or happier now. After my surgery, my pathology results found 2 more very small lumps. I was able then to go for scans which I couldn't have while pregnant. The CT scan showed inconclusive results on my liver and the bone scan highlighted an area on my right hip which was also inconclusive what it was. I was sent for MRI - still inconclusive and finally an x-ray and liver ultra sound. While waiting for results I had 6 rounds of FEC-t chemo, I then had 15 sessions of rads to do. During my first session I met with my oncologist and he informed me that the team had made a decision on all my scans. They have decided that they were areas of spread from my breast cancer. I have now finished rads and am currently on tamoxifen. I am due scans again next month to see how all is going. My cancer was er+ so I take tamoxifen, ibandronic acid and vit D. I just hope it keeps working and that the chemo destroyed most of the spread for now....

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hello, how is your Storting going my lovely???

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Stefr, I would say they will be happy to do the surgery as long as you don't have a chest infection or temperature 😏, maybe give the hospital a ring if it doesn't get any better to see their policy maybe ? Hopefully it will clear up before then , you really don't need the extra worry at this time- thinking of you .

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi, just waiting for surgery now, it's been scheduled for 10th November. I'm so worried though as my children are both sick and I've picked up a chesty cough. I'm worried they won't do the surgery now as planned.

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Stefr, how is it gong now? Much love, Moijanxx

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Stefr, your team will do the very best for you, you will find the strength to cope, i strongly recommend you join the chemo thread relevant to you, the support and empathy you will get from others having chemo at the same time is such a comfort and help, i will pop in and see how you are getting on from time to time! 

Wishing you the very best in your treatment and the arrival of your little one.💐

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Steff,


yes, this damn disease often feels like that...


once you get your treatment plan under way, you Will feel better, more in control.


its really scary Steff I know, try and remember that there are some of us who have battled with cancer for many years.l. Eg, my initial diagnosis was in 2001. If id had kids they would be 16 years older by now and hopefully, you will be around for many years.


my lymph nodes were 12/13 cancerous, and they gave me a poorish prognosis. Half the battle is thought to be 

having a good attitude....at first we all feel like you do, but it does get better.


keep us posted, im thinkng of you and will watch to see how you get on. Hopefully you do have support,people who can look after your children whilst you recover?


love and hugs, Moijanxx

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Thank you both.
I have been back to the hospital since my last post and they have found cancer cells in the FNA they did on the lymph node closest to the tumour.
They have given me a date of 10/11/16 for a partial mastectomy and axillary node clearance.
I just feel it is getting worse...I'm trying to be positive for my kids as both our too young to understand what is going.

The consultant has said it will be chemo and then radio after that.

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi Stefr, i echo everything moijan has said,  really sorry you have to go through this , especially pregnant, you will feel morein control when you go back on monday, they will tell you the best treatment plan and things will start moving. There is also a very good facebook page for younger women: https://www.facebook.com/YoungerBreastCancerNetwork/

and on this great forum there is a section on board for younger ladies and some are pregnant. I wish you all the best , keep posting,the ladies are very knowledgeable and supportive!

Re: 7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi there Stefr,


oh dear, how worrying for you. I am sorry that this should happen when you are pregnant and should be able to look forward to your new baby, without such a horrid worry.xx


have you got lots of support? Someone to chat to about everything?


I see you are being seen on Monday. Do see if you can 'park' the worries till then..difficult, I know, and no way to  know what they are planning, but it does sound as if theyve caught things early and they can do wonders now with Surgery......I understand your worry about being around for your children.....and thats so hard for you.xx


there are lots of young mums with small children, on the site with the same worries and im sure they will soon post you some replies which will help. Meanwhile, try and spoil yourself a. Little, take each day as it comes.

do feel free to come back and talk about your worries, we are all here for each other...lots of very caring ladies on the site. You could also phone the hotline 0808 800 6000 for a chat with one of the nursesx


Love and hugs,Moijanxx💜💚💙

7 months pregnant, just diagnosed

Hi everyone

I am 32 and last week was diagnosed with a 2cm lump in my right breast.

2 weeks before while in the shower I noticed a hard lump in my breast, I went straight to the doctor Monday morning and because I'm pregnant they were quick to say it's probably just blocked ducts but just to be sure we'll refer you.

While I waited for the breast clinic appointment my nipple started to flatten of course you start reading into it.

By the time my appointment came 13 days later I had already convinced myself it wasn't going to be good news.

I had a fine needle on my lymph nodes and the core biopsy on the lump.

I'm not an overly emotional person with other people so I think when they told me that they have found cancerous cells within the lump, that they where expecting more emotion.

I'm am due back on Monday to find out what they are planning to do all I know is that they are planning surgery on a lump approximately 2cm. The initial FNA didn't show any spread but they took another one before I left.

I don't know how far advanced I am, I think I'm scared to ask the questions I know I should probably be asking.

I'm 7 months pregnant, with a 1year old and an 8 year old. My biggest fear is not being there to see my children grow up.