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8yrs post recon - symmetry needed


Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Just wanting to be helpful and looking out for you darlin. Not here to blame, but that you need to ask the questions of your boob team so that you know whats what and are then properly prepared. Whole lot easier that way, don't you think - knowing what to expect?


Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Thank you for your clarification and your concern about me, x

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Vezza - No One has mentioned anything about FAULT. I am merely asking/ suggesting helpful questions that YOU need to ask and get some specifics about, just so that you are more informed and therefore know what to expect. 

Delly xx

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

this is only some I have enquired about, nothing in depth so is no one fault re not informing me etc. Didn't know situ re drains needed or not, it was only mentioned by Greenleaf1 when I posted my question so that isn't anyones fault either, thanks tho. xxx

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Hi Vez

You're talking about having you're current existing implant REPLACED with what's called an "Anatomical" shaped one, i.e.drop shaped in profile??

Firstly, I'm awaiting expander replacement with such shaped implants, which will be a "Day op" - no drains required !!  So, I'm not understanding why you expect such with an existing implant replacement ??

Secondly - haven't you been told what to expect ?? If not - WHY NOT ?? 'cos you should have been!!  

When is it due to take place Vez ?, Get on to your surgeon or secretary and ask them to tell you.

Good luck with

Dellydoodaa xx 

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Hi vezza - I had two drains - but I think my plastic surgeon was a bit unusual in that regard - the first one came out the day after the op, the second one about a week after. I know what you mean - they're pretty revolting (put me right off my blackberry and strawberry smoothie in hospital. LOL), but better that then an infected implant. I found them a nuisance, but not at all painful. The hospital gave me a little canvas shoulder bag to carry them in, so no-one had to look at them! The trick , when they're being removed, is to take a big deep breath in, then as the nurse pulls them out, to exhale slowly. It takes a few seconds, and I didn't think it hurt at all. I know they can be uncomfortable for some people though.


Good luck, and let us know what you decide.


Greenleaf xx

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

thank you so much for the fab response, remember the experience of drains with my other recon op, ouch!!  what are they like re how many etc -  sure I can handle that but they not pleasant are they,


Vez  x

Re: 8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Hi Vezza - I had an implant exchange earlier this year, and it was a breeze. I stayed one night in hospital, but would have been fine going home the same day as the op. Was a bit tired and sore for a day or two afterwards, but striding about Hampstead Heath with my drain still in place on day 4 Smiley Happy


No surgery is fun - but if I were you, I'd go for it. My new implant made a big difference to how I felt about myself when I looked in the mirror. Some plastic surgeons can get lovely results.


Best of luck to you,


8yrs post recon - symmetry needed

Lovely ladies,


I am going to go ahead with rebalancing on the recon breast which is 8 yrs old. Con says he can replace implant with slightly larger heavier bottomed one which will even up with nature breast.  No need to operate on the nature breast, Says one and half hour op and day surgery. 


Has anyone had this surgery? 


Wondered what recovery period is and what is your opinion of this?  I feel I want it as have it as two cup sizes different now and bras as so uncomfortable and do not sit straight at all and move when I wear one, 


Thanks as always.  Vezza