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A DCIS Query

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Re: A DCIS Query

Hi Jo

I had aggressive comedo DCIS with necrosis, and went for a WLE at first, unfortunately it was found to be extensive and the margins werent clear so I had to have a mastectomy in the end - I was told the odds were 1 in 7 of WLE's need further surgery, but I guess it was worth a shot as the WLE is a lot easier option. I was lucky in that they managed to save my nipple and I had a permanent implant at the same time, which means that I won't have to have any more surgery. It's a personal choice I guess and in the end I went with my consultant's recommendations, I could have opted for another WLE but a mastectomy meant only one more operation, I had read of people going back for three or more WLE's only to have a mastectomy in the end anyway. One of the positive things with the mastectomy option is I did not need any radiotherapy, chemo or tamoxifen so can get on with my life now, and I don't need to worry about recurrence - at least in that breast anyway.

As to your question re necrosis - if the calcifications are showing on the mammogram yes that is the sign of necrosis.


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Re: A DCIS Query

Thanks Ann

Have asked the nurse - awaiting a reply.



Re: A DCIS Query

Hi jo

I think it might be worth your while to contact our Ask the Nurse service with this inquiry. Our trained nurses are available to offer specialist information on breast cancer by email and you will receive a detailed reply from an expert.

You can find more details

Hope this helps


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A DCIS Query

Got a copy of my path report recently and have a query that I hope some of you knowledgeable ladies could clarify for me please.
I have read that comedonecrosis DCIS is more aggressive and likely to recur in the future or even progress to invasive BC. My report says I have comedo, solid, cribiform and papillary DCIS with microcalcification (accompanying a cystic tumour).
So does the calcification mean that the comedo DCIS has necrosis? The cystic tumour is grade 1 and 100% ER+ so I was hoping that the BC I had was less likely to recur - but now I am worried about the aggressiveness of the comedo DCIS and thinking maybe I should have had a mastectomy instead of a WLE?
Any feedback welcome - thanks.

Jo xx