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A new lump. In a dodgy place. Help!

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Re: A new lump. In a dodgy place. Help!

Hi spookymoo - sorry to hear of your new lump and not surprised you are worried. I really think you should flag it with your team. I know these things are embarrassing but they don't find it embarrassing as they are so used to all of this - my onc is female but if yours isn't I'm sure you could ask to be examined by a female member of the team if that helps. I've had thrush a lot of times and very severely and can't say it's ever appeared as a pea-sized lump in my groin, or dark spots. But that could all be something else. Lymph nodes can react to all sorts of infections in the body, not just cancer, and as you are having chemo then it would be a good idea to get it checked out. Also, even if it is bad thrush it may be better to get some other treatment than the over the counter pessary. I was prescribed 10 days of tablets to systemically treat mine as I had it very badly in vagina, red sore external genital area and throat and even a skin lesion on my arm. Hope you get sorted and your mind is put at rest.

Nicola xx
p.s. if you have ever had any underlying infection like a herpes or warts I think these can also be triggered when your immune system is low.

Re: A new lump. In a dodgy place. Help!

Hi spookymoo - sorry to hear of your new worry when we have this disease every singe thing freaks us out. I had similar lumps in my nether region and worried me to death - when I saw my team they felt them and re checked the ct scan they had done and said they were enlarged nodes - but nodes enlarge when they are fighting off infections and if you have had chemo its probably just that - they are doing thier job. Ring the helpline here and/or your BCN and she will advise you - I am sure its nothing to worry about but you need to put your mind at rest on this.


Re: A new lump. In a dodgy place. Help!

Hi spookymoo

The Helpline are open this morning until 2pm if you'd like to chat through your concerns, they're on 0808 800 6000.

Kind regards.

Louise, Facilitator


A new lump. In a dodgy place. Help!

Hi everyone I have gone from being uber positive to freaked out in a day! Saw my surgeon on Thursday who confirmed breast tumour had shrunk from chemo (one more chemo to go!) and was probably small enough for a lumpectomy. Good news! And also couldn't seee any big nodes on scans (have tested positive for node involvement prior to this). So all seemed good. Then last night I found a lump. But not up there. Down there in my lady region. Its pea sized and round and painful to touch and its on the edge of my pubic area near my groin. Totally freaked out. Had a good look down there and also found some dark spots (about 6 at last count) which I have never seen before (not that I poke around down there very often). I googled it (I know I shouldn't) and bad stuff came up (vulva melanoma and also secondary bc -apparently first place for lymph node spread is to lymph nodes in groin). Panic stricken now and hacked off. Wondered if it could be some kind of thrush (have had thrush in the past and this doesn't look like usual thrush) or maybe some weird side effect from chemo? Has anyone else experienced this - Its really embarassing and not something I want to raise with my onc team but should I do so? not sure what to do. Off to buy some canestan cream today but any advice gratefully received. Am I panicking for nothing? Is it just thrush? or something more sinister? knowing my luck I've got flipping cancer down there as well!!! Help.....