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A year ago this month.......


Re: A year ago this month.......

Hi Seagull
Youll see from the time of this post that I cant sleep. Im wondering how youre doing now youve had your mx? I do hope it went well for you.
My turn next week- 7Nov - and Im scared. Like you, Im lucky not to need chemo or rads (check the lingo). Dont know how my OH is coping with me - my mood can change in a wink from manic laughter to unending sobbing. Cant decide whether to have an immediate recon or not. In fact cant make any decisions - even what to have for dinner!!
Can I ask the same qustion you asked - how did you copy after your op?
all the best

Re: A year ago this month.......

Hi Firecracker
Your message gave me hope. I've just been diagnosed - had a lumpectomy & nodes very quickly - very lucky that it's not spread but still need to have a mx next week.
I feel quite schizo - most of the time I am my usual happy self, then sometimes I'm screaming silently inside and am weepy - nut not for long.
I have a wonderful team at the hospital looking after me - can't believe how kind they are. The consultant is very positive and thinks I shall be back to normal in no time - but I can't believe that yet. I am a very busy person and need to keep busy to keep my brain going and thoughts under control.
How did you cope day to day after your op?
Hope you are alright now. Seagull

Re: A year ago this month.......

A year ago this month... I was desperately hoping that life was going to get better! Little did I know that 2011 was going to top even the last few years, which have been really, really hard (despite having my gorgeous, wonderful seven-year-old son, of course).

Anyway, I'm irritatingly positive when I'm not feeling sorry for myself -
And like these lovely, strong women have said, it's all do-able - and maybe 2012 WILL be better 😄

Love and still very gentle virtual hugs,


Re: A year ago this month.......

A year ago this month - wow, what a rollercoaster of a month that was!

December 8th - appointment at one-stop shop breast clinic after finding a lump and dimple.

December 12th - 45th birthday.

December 15th - diagnosed with stage 3a, Grade 3 IDC.

December 24th - WLE and ANC (6/12 nodes affected)

December 25th - home. Happy Christmas...

However, a year on I've just had the results of my first annual mammo today - no changes detected - best Christmas present ever!!!! So this Christmas I'm making up for the one cancer took from me last year. I've got some catching up to do!

Happy Christmas everyone and may 2012 be wonderfully boring for as many of us as possible.

Jane xxx


Re: A year ago this month.......

A year ago today I'd just had WLE/SNB surgery and had an appointment with the surgeon the next day to hear the results (fortunately no spread). I didn't know that I'd be having an appointment with the oncologist on Christmas Eve for the treatment plan, nor did I know that our daughter and her family would change their plans for Christmas (it was her inlaws turn) and come to us instead, so much last minute shopping followed.

I decided not to tell our son about the bc as the day before my diagnosis he'd gone to New York for three weeks with his girlfriend and I knew he was going to propose and didn't want to spoil their happiness. I didn't know that in September I would be at their wedding wearing a wig or that people I hadn't seen for some time would be telling me the new hair style was fantastic and took ten years off me!

Life will never be the same, this time of year and the annual checkup will always bring those memories of diagnosis flooding back, but I'd like to reiterate what Michelle has said. Life can be good again.
Happy Christmas everyone.

Love loula


Re: A year ago this month.......

I had WLE /SNB surgery and had no idea that i'd be starting chemo within 4 weeks...


A year ago this month.......

I was bald and halfway through my FECT chemo routine, it finally all finished November 24th. I have had 15 months of treatment,5
operations, chemo and radiotherapy. To say that 2010 and 11 was pants is a minor statement !!!
But to everyone newly diagnosed and going through treatment I just want to say that it is doable and that there is light at the end of the tunnel !!
Happy Christmas and here's to 2012 !!!

Good Luck to all.