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ALA and other stuff


Re: ALA and other stuff

Dear All

If you are considering alternative or completmentary medicines or treatments, please consult with your health carers as some medicines and treatments can have negative interactions with conventional medicines. Views and opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily held by Breast Cancer Care.

Best Wishes


Re: ALA and other stuff

I think chinese herbs work - particularly to recover from chemo. they give me much more energy than i had before, and i believe some herbs have anti cancer properties. I hear that chinese people go to western doctors for many illnesses -like a broken leg etc; but when they get cancer they go to a chinese doctor - maybe there's something to that.

i think check your iodine levels to make sure you're not deficient altho most people are. (eat seaweed)- in lab tests wakame seaweed was more effective at killing cancer cells than chemo drug 5 flouracil - not generally known.

i think chemo deprives your whole body of folic acid which is need by your body to survive - so start eating green vegies, lots of them; and probably a magnesium supplement every now and again would be useful (i have magnesium baths - they put me straight to sleep and relax all my muscles); zinc and selenium are other things you need to be getting enough of (although don't take too much)

build the immune system (which chemo destroys, but is needed to fight cancer) by eating lots of vegies, fruit, nuts, good oils, seeds, beans, etc. Chinese herbs might help with this. get all the minerals and enzymes your body needs and essential sugars etc. Internet google searches on all this stuff might help you.

drink wheatgrass juice or barley juice - some claim to have cured cancer just by doing this.

Most of this stuff can't harm you and will only make you healthier - so no harm in trying?

I have eliminated dairy and most meat (except fish/eggs) from my diet; and sugar/coffee.

soy is sposed to act in the same way as tamoxifen as it sits on the receptors instead of oestrogen? There is some controversy surrounding soy but i try to drink some every day. It doesn't seem to hurt the chinese who have the lowest rates of breast cancer.

Re other alternative therapies - i think, why not? Most don't seem very dangerous to me, and worth a try - better than giving up if nothing else is working i think.


ALA and other stuff

I am not a huge a believer in alternative therapies on their own and am having conventional treatment. That said I'd like to understand what other people believe work. For example ALA (alpha lipoic acid) have read that it is a very string anti-oxidant, does anyone have any experience of taking this? And what's best for hot flushes? I do believe there is truth in many "old Wives" tales but it is hard to separate the truth from the spin!