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Re: Acupuncture

Morning Emma,


Thanks for sharing that. Just wanted to mention that my mum gets acupuncture every month from her GP - not cancer related tho. He is fully trained and just charges her for the needles - 5 pound a visit. It might be worth asking in your practice if anyone practises it? Best wishes & take care xx



I attended a cancer support group on Thursday. .... not just bc, it was for all cancers. Basically 7 of the people there were introduced to acupuncture via a pilot scheme through the local cancer charity. .... and they all now still have acupuncture privately to aid their treatment/recovery as they all swear by its effectiveness. I haven't looked into it properly yet but thought it may interest people.
One thing many cancer patients have in common is anxiety and depression and they all said the acupuncture assisted with alleviating this symptom.
Hot flushes is another thing it can also help with.

I am not in any way saying any complimentary medicine is a miracle cure for anything but am convinced it can assist and may be worth a go when I have some pennies and just wanted to share on here in hope it may help x