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Advice/Reasurrence needed please


Re: Advice/Reasurrence needed please

Hi betty67


I'm sorry to read you're still feeling worried.  Whilst you are waiting for the other users to reply with their thoughts and experiences do feel free to give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.  Here you can talk through your worries and concerns with a member of staff who will offer you a listening ear as well as emotional support and practical information.  Lines are open weekdays 9 to 5pm and Saturday 10 to 2pm.


Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator 

Advice/Reasurrence needed please

Hi All, 

I had my appointment at the breast clinic today, was examined dr said he could feel a thickening and sent me off for an ultrasound scan of my breast. I couldnt have a mammogram as i last had one in October. Ultrasound was clear just thickened breast tissue but i just dont feel reasurred at all. I explained to the dr the lump can be felt better while im sitting up but he only examined me lying down. I had a cyst drained in October after a recall. Just looking for some reasurance really from you ladies. Many thanks