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Advice needed for my friend please

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Re: Advice needed for my friend please

have you tried eating organic food, there is a good book called beating cancer with nutrition, I know not everybody believes in this but I can't tell you the many people that have benefited I talk to a lady in Australia and she has helped me no end. She doesn't sell anyhting she just happens to be the best friend of my future daughter in law. she is a lot more strict than me but her cancer has gone and she wasn't given long.

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Hi ness, I'm on the same chemo as your friend..she could take Manuka on her week off from chemo to boost her immune system..this is how I take Manuka..I wish her well with her treatment and hope she has a long time with it..I've had no active cancer for well over a year now..thanks to this chemo..x

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Thank you Dawn, lots of pointers there.

Does anyone know if Manuka hunny will help at this stage?

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Hi Ness

Sounds like your friend is taking Xeloda (capacetibine), which a lot of people are on, myself included, just about to start my second load of xeloda tomorrow!!!

I am 41 with children aged 3 and 6 (well 6 in 8 days), and was dx with bc and liver mets in July 07.

From the advice that many people have given me, I am using "udderly smooth" cream (website called wiggle) and I have also got some lavender emu oil as well. I was told the sore hands and feet is cummulative over time, but am trying to cream every night.

Also, definitely see if your friend has any life insurance policies, mine had critical illness and paid out immediately.

DLA is definitely a must. Higher rate is £119 a week, and you also get a blue badge plus your car tax paid. So helps out that way as well with the costs.

I admit that this website has been a godsend to me, speaking to ladies in the the same or similar position and have also met a few as well. It does help to chat with people who know exactly what you are going through.

I hope that you find some help on here for your friend. And well done for being so supportive for her, think we all need friends like you.

Take care

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

thank you for your replies Jan and Dawn. xx

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Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Hi Ness,
Very very new to this site myself but I was reading a post yesterday about Insurances. Post was that you should check any insurance policies you have for critical illness cover as you can claim if you have Invasive, apparrantly your policy will be cancelled after claim but at least they will have paid out and any financial help you can get helps.
Sending you and your friend best wishes and healthy vibes.

Take Care Dawn xx

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Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Hi Ness,

Sorry to hear about your friend. She is lucky to have such a good friend so close. My own best friend moved to America just before I was diagnosed and I miss her terribly.

Some practical advice - I think you need to persuade her to seek professional help with the benefits. The system is complex and the forms are long and complicated. She will struggle to complete them on her own. Julie is right about CAB and MacMillan they are excellent. I've worked in benefits myself and have great praise for them both as a cancer patient and in my job. DLA is one she may be entitled to and still be able to work if and when she can. If she gives up work she may be entitled to Employment and Support Allowance(ESA) which is paid based on National Insurance record and med certs from her GP. Her husband might also be able to claim Working Tax Credits because of their reduced income. There may be others that the agencies above can suggest. Not sure about CAB but MacMillan will visit her at home if needed.

You can find information about trials in the UK on this website and also on the Cancer Research UK one.

Hope this helps.

Jan xx

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

thank you Julie for posting, hopefully a few more people will come forward with further advice and I will be able to offer her the practical support that she needs. I have already mentioned about coming on here and the helpline but she's really not that sort to go looking for help. thats why I want to do it for her.
Ness xx

Re: Advice needed for my friend please

Hi Ness,

I do not have any information about trials I am sorry!

You could check if your friend is in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
This is a non means tested benefit and she will be entitled to the care component (because of diagnosis) and possibly the mobility component.

She should try to get a benefits check asap from the CAB, Macmillan or any local advice agencies.
It might be that she could cut down on some of her hours.

As regards the cracked feet, I am sure other people will advise. I know that some people use a cream called 'udderly smooth' and also take B6 supplements.
Try and get her on the site as there are quite a few women with secondaries and children of a similar age.
She will get a lot of support. She is lucky to have such a good friend.


Advice needed for my friend please

Hi I was diagnosed with bc 20 months ago a few weeks after another mum from the school was. Because of our illness we became friends and obviously know first hand what the other is feeling, experiencing etc. That was until the other day when she told me she had secondary spread to bones, lymph nodes in neck and lung. I am so, so sad for her as all of our worst nightmares has become reality for her.

We met up today and she is very upbeat (she always appeared to handle it much better then I did) and has started treatment, she is on table chemo, 2 weeks on and 1 week off. Also having tablet bone strengheners which she takes every day then has to sit and wait for an hour. She is tripple neg so only has chemo as an option, but also had very bad reaction on Tax 18 mths ago and they will not give her any of the chemo which has any of the ingredients in it in case of fatal reaction.

The good news is that she was scanned on Friday and after 2 cycles, shrinkage is visable.

My advice requirements for her are:-

The chemo is giving her sore cracked feet. She has medication and cream for this, but is there any other things she could try to relieve it.

Does anyone know of any trials which she may be suitable for?

She works for heself from home doing admin work and feels that she cannot give this up as they need the money, So I would like to know infor regarding benefits she could claim to boost her income so that she can consider giving up work and spening more time with her childred. They are 14, 11 and 8.

Any practical advise would be most welcome as I so want to help her and give her info that could help.

Thanks so much.
Ness1 x